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Delicious Ways to Enjoy Dried Fruits

Nochiola dehydrated fruits

Try dried fruit if you are looking for a delicious and healthy snack in the afternoon or in the morning, or also a complement to add to your meals of the day, there are some great ways to eat dried fruit that will leave you feeling satisfied and guilt-free. .

Dried fruits are a great source of energy and fiber and are ideal for satisfying any sweet tooth. Generally, 30g is the recommended serving size to eat, which is around 2 dates, a clove of dried mango, or dried pineapple.

9 Ideas to add dried fruit to your meals!

  1. A great way to enjoy dried fruit is by adding it to your bowl of breakfast cereal to make it higher in fiber and naturally sweeten it. How about a delicious cereal with dehydrated apple ?
  2. Dried fruits like raisins and cranberries can be added to a bowl of unsweetened oatmeal and other breakfast cereals, find these dried fruits in our trail mix and discover the delicious combinations we have for you!
  3. You can also add dried fruit to cookies , cakes, and muffins to make them richer and raise their fiber content.
  4. Prepare date and walnut bread dessert is super delicious for breakfast or to accompany with a cup of coffee in the afternoon. Its sweet flavor and fluffy texture will make a unique experience.
  5. Breakfasts are more enjoyable when you add a touch of tropical sweetness, especially if it's high in fiber. Dehydrated coconut is commonly used in cookies, cakes, pastries, cereals, etc. It is also an ingredient that gives curry body and texture.

Also prepares 'Almond Joy' cookies healthy version.

  1. Nuts are naturally sweet and therefore ideal for adding to baked desserts to replace processed sugar as much as possible.
  2. Add dried fruit to smoothies! Do the little ones in the home not like fruit? Putting them in the blender can improve their nutrition and give them that sweet touch that all children like.
  3. You can also put them in various types of low-fat cheeses , the flavor of the nuts perfectly complements the creamy taste of dairy products.
  4. Consider dehydrated fruits as an extra flavor ingredient for various salty rice dishes to make them more delicious.

Check out more healthy and delicious recipes with dehydrated fruits here!

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Dehydrated fruits | Nochiola Mexico

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