Proteínas, cardio en ayunas y el ejercicio

Protein, fasted cardio and exercise


Pao Torre @nutriologapaotorre is a Bachelor of Nutrition, Health Coach and has a diploma in sports nutrition. We approached her to investigate and clear up some doubts about cardio, protein consumption and exercise.

1. Is cardio better before or after breakfast?
It depends on each person but in general terms I would say after breakfast.

2. What is better protein before or after exercise?
More than before or after, I would focus on consuming enough protein during the day, that is, reaching your daily requirement.

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3. Is it mandatory to use protein powder?
There is no way you can meet your protein gram requirements by consuming natural food.

4. Is it good to take BCAAS and L-Carnitine to improve my performance during exercise?
On L-carnitine there is no scientific evidence that it is really effective and therefore I do not recommend it. In the case of BCAAs, they are not essential but they can help take care of your muscle mass.

5. Are isotonic drinks good during exercise? Which ones should I drink?
Regarding isotonic drinks, I recommend their regular consumption for high-performance athletes or for people who do more than 2 hours of exercise a day. One way to naturally hydrate is by making a mix of mineral water, lemon and Himalayan salt.

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