5 Apps que no pueden faltar en tu cel

5 Apps that cannot be missing on your cell phone

We are living in a time of constant movement and without a doubt the cell phone has become a very powerful tool. It is up to us to use it in our favor. In my case it has been key to improving my productivity. It allows me to spend my time doing activities ranging from creating designs without the need for specialized programs to learning a new topic while exercising or washing dishes. I share these apps that cannot be missing from my cell phone and can also help you improve your productivity.
This app is for those who have little time and at the same time are interested in learning about new topics, it makes book summaries in 15 minutes, it comes in written form and as an audiobook, the topics are endless. Every day there is a new free reading or you can pay a subscription and choose the readings you want. I love to use it while I exercise to take advantage of my time.
It is a meditation app with this app I started to meditate and it started to change my life completely, it started to give me a lot of mental clarity and it helped me work with my stress. Modules 1 and 2 are completely free. I decided to pay for the app later because I thought it was incredible.

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With this app I make most of the designs for Instagram stories and phrases, it is super practical and easy to use, it saves me time because I can make designs anywhere, without having to open the computer. I'm lovin 'it!
This app accommodated my posts so I have better control of my Instagram posts, plus you can schedule the post and write the copy ahead of time. It's great, of this type of app, it's the most complete I've used and it also allows you to make 30 monthly posts for free, which for my taste is more than enough.

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It's a very basic but functional gmail app, the cool thing is that it syncs with gmail and you can write down all your pending tasks so you don't forget any of them, you can complete tasks, set subtasks and activate alarms to remind you.
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