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Healthy snack thread

The craving for snacks always attacks us, that's why @the2mexicanas prepared this healthy and guilt-free snack thread.

Photo: @the2mexicanas

It is a simple and very quick recipe that is perfect for you to enjoy Nochiola's healthy snacks (and enchiladas).

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Photo: @the2mexicanas

    • 1 jicama
    • 2 cucumbers
    • Nopales enchiladas Nochiola
    • Spicy Sweet Potatoes
    • nochiola
    • Beet enchiladas
  • nochiola
  • Amaranth churritos with chia Nochiola
  • Amaranth churritos with piquín Nochiola
  • Tagine and chamoy sauce to taste
1.- Grate the cucumbers and the jicama.
2. Use a cloth or sky blanket to squeeze the grated cucumber and jicama until they have as little water as possible.
3.- In a plastic container (preferably jelly mold) place a first layer of grated jicama and compact with your hands, place a second layer, this one of cucumber and compact with your hands. Finally, place a layer of Nochiola enchilada nopales.

4.- To disassemble the rose you will need a plate that is larger than the mold.
5.- Disassemble the thread, place all the Nochiola healthy snacks in the center of it (sweet potatoes with sauce, beetroot with sauce, amaranth churritos with piquín and chia.
6.- Finally bathe the thread with chamoy and Tajín to taste.
7.- Ready!

Photo: @the2mexicanas

Thanks for the recipe Pau and Xime!

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