Pay de avellana y dátil con nuez Nochiola

Hazelnut and date pie with Nochiola nuts

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Majo from coolrecipess shared with us a recipe for these hazelnut and date pies with Nochiola nuts. In addition to being a delicious dessert prepared with our healthy snacks, they are a great option to fill your body with energy. This, like all the recipes on Cool Recipess , is easy, rich and quick to prepare.

1/2 cup hazelnuts
2 tbsp. cocoa powder
1/4 cup of oatmeal
2 tbsp. Ghee or coconut oil
sweetener to taste
1 bag of dates with Nochiola nuts
1/2 cup almond milk
2 tbsp. hazelnut cream
2 tbsp. peanut or almond butter

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Benefits and properties of hazelnuts : This small dried fruit contains vitamin E. In addition to minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. As if this were not enough, the oleic acid they contain balances cholesterol levels.

1. Blend the hazelnuts until they are ground.
2. In a bowl mix the hazelnut powder, oatmeal, sweetener, cocoa and Ghee to form a dough.
3. Pour the mixture into a previously greased or waxed paper pie pan.
4. Refrigerate the mixture while you prepare the filling.

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For the filling:
5. Blend dates, milk, hazelnut cream and peanut butter.
6. Place the date mixture with Nochiola nuts on the base that you refrigerated and refrigerate again for 2 hours.

Benefits and properties of dates: Dates are dehydrated fruits high in dietary fiber and insoluble fiber, which is why they promote and facilitate digestion. They are antioxidants and thanks to their potassium and phytochemical content they regulate blood pressure.

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