¿Por qué Nochiola es healthy?

Why is Nochiola healthy?

If you ever wondered why our brand is a healthy brand, here we tell you. In addition to being a proudly Mexican brand that uses and promotes natural products such as nopal, amaranth, chia and agave honey, we explain some of the terms that make us a healthy brand.

  • veggie chips

Unlike fried foods, our vegetable chips are dehydrated, dried or baked. Many different root or leaf vegetables can be used for its preparation. We use beets, sweet potatoes, jicama and carrots. They are completely natural.

  • natural ingredients

The composition of our snacks is not made with chemicals, gums or sweets, so when we offer you a product you can be sure that you are consuming the fruit in a dehydrated format.

  • It has no added sugar

We do not add sugar to our snacks. In the case of fruits, for example, we use the sugar they naturally contain.

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  • Artisan chocolate

Chocolate is a product that is obtained thanks to cocoa beans that, when mixed with other ingredients, result in this delicious mixture. We combine the chocolate flavor with one of our trail mixes with an energy-providing chocolate that is high in cocoa content: 60% as well as being discreetly sweetened with organic piloncillo.

  • mexican ingredients

By containing national products such as piquín chili, chia, nopal and amaranth, its production does not require long journeys before reaching the final consumer.

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  • agave honey

With it we sweeten one of our snacks... the nopal. Agave honey is a Mexican product that does not contain chemicals and works as a natural sweetener. It is gluten-free, increases calcium absorption, is low in calories, and helps regulate insulin levels.

  • Sugar zero

Our churritos do not contain sugar. Its consistency is crunchy and delicious thanks to its main ingredient, the Mexican amaranth.

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