Beneficios y propiedades de la zanahoria

Benefits and properties of carrot

Dried carrots in a white bowl

Surely you have ever heard of the benefits of carrots. It is said to be high in vitamin A, which helps our vision and improves our skin. In this note we tell you what its properties are and how, consuming it, helps improve our body.

One of the characteristics that favors the consumption of carrots is its versatility since it can be eaten raw, dehydrated, or cooked, which makes it easier for us to include it in our preparations.

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The carrot is a food that grows underground and can be orange but there are also other colors of carrots in various varieties. It can be colored: purple, yellow and red.

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Carrot Benefits:
1. Improves the immune system.
2. Strengthens the bones.
3. It is a natural antioxidant.
4. They reduce the risk of chronic diseases.
5. They eliminate free radicals from our body.
6. They protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.
7. Promotes the prevention of heart disease.

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Carrot properties:

  • It is rich in calcium so it helps to have strong bones.
  • Contains phosphorus, which is necessary for healthy skin, healthy teeth, healthy hair.
  • It has magnesium. This helps fat digestion and nutrient absorption.

After knowing the properties and benefits of carrots, you have many reasons to consume and enjoy it. Remember that at Nochiola we have dehydrated carrots with a spicy touch that are perfect as a healthy snack.

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