Tips para ser más productivo

Tips to be more productive

People can develop our potential through tools that allow us to be more productive and achieve greater performance in each activity. Here are some tips that will allow you to be more productive.
  • Focus on yourself: Do not criticize or waste your time seeing what others do, do not compare yourself. Spending time on someone else's life makes you waste time on yours.

  • Meditate : This had already been mentioned to you in Habits of successful people , and I insist that they should meditate. It should not be "the great meditation", they can spend 3, 5 or 10 minutes on this activity. I insist because meditating helps calm emotions and clarify thoughts, gives clarity and order to the head. It is a wonder!. The app I use to meditate is called Headspace , I highly recommend it.

  • Write down your earrings: Buy yourself an agenda or write your pending in the Google calendar. By writing down your earrings you free your brain from remembering everything you have to do, it's really liberating. And better yet, crossing off each pending item after completing it has a positive impact on our brain, giving us a feeling of well-being. There is also an app that I recommend for pending tasks, it's called Google Tasks and it is used precisely to write down pending tasks in the form of a list.
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  • Multitask: I do not mean that you do two important things at the same time, but there are several ways to make better use of your time. For example: listening to a podcast while you wash dishes, exercise or take a bath, is a way to make time efficient and learn something new every day.
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  • Set hours: It is very important that you establish a time to wake up and start working, so you will have a work rhythm. In this sense, it is just as important that you set aside an hour to stop working. Now that we are locked up, it is common for many to want to work all day, however, that saturates the mind. In the breaks is when the mind releases its creativity. In addition, there is no need to work extra hours when you were already productive in the schedule you established. For example: Work from 9 am to 5 pm with 1 hour for lunch.

  • Limit social networks: It seems that we are already addicted to Instagram, Facebook and now Tik Tok, but we have to set limits because a lot of time is wasted. Whether your work depends on social networks or you like to be distracted, identify when it's time to get out and don't let your valuable time go to waste.
    Tip: In the configuration section of Instagram there is the option to set an alarm when you have already completed a certain time per day in the application and I find it very effective. I limit myself to 1 hour.

  • Do exercise: I will not get tired of saying it but it is also 100% related, because you release endorphins that give your body a feeling of well-being, it is a way to start your day with great energy. Try it! Exercise when you wake up and you will see that you are more productive and motivated and in a better mood during the day.

  • Eat healthy: You will ask yourself, what does this have to do with anything?... it has everything to do with it. The stomach is our second brain, and everything that happens in this organ translates to other areas of our body. Our diet directly impacts cognitive development, therefore a balanced diet (with vegetables, fruits, proteins and good fats) will improve your concentration, memory and impact your energy levels. You will forget about the evil of the pig! Do you still not believe me? Test it!
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