Meditación para sanar y relajarte

Meditation to heal and relax

At Nochiola we are a brand that seeks the comprehensive well-being of our consumers, which is why we decided to talk about meditation to celebrate the International Day of Meditation (May 21) and we tell you why meditation is a process that can help you heal and relax.
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To talk about meditation we will start by explaining what it is and how many types of meditation exist.
What is meditation?
Meditation is a process by which a state of passive self-observation is reached. It is a state of consciousness in which thought is observed, but without thinking; the feeling, without getting involved in it; and any cognitive, sensory, emotional, physiological or behavioral content, passively, only allowing it, without responding.
Meditation is a technique that has been used by many people in the Eastern world and is increasingly practiced in the West. It is actually a process inherent to the human being, which allows physical and emotional regulation and, in a nutshell, consists of learning not to think.

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What types of meditation exist?
Buddhist - Being in the present
Vipasana - See things as they are
Zen - Observe and breathe
Toglen - Connect with suffering
Dzogchen - Discover the inner power
Mantra - Sing and vibrate
Kabbalah - Approaching God
Chakra - Improve energy flow

Transcendental - Free the mind

What benefits does meditation have to heal and relax?

The power of meditation goes beyond the mind, it is a way to heal the spirit, relax our mind and body. Here we tell you why:
- Establishes a deep connection with life
- Increases self-awareness
- Develop presence / Here and Now
- Helps to value being with ourselves
- Develop compassion
- Sharpens sensory perception
- Promotes self-esteem
- Increases energy
- Encourages positivity
- Improve relationships
- Brings happiness, peace and inner harmony
- Relieves depression
- Stabilizes blood pressure
- Alleviate the pain
- Calms insomnia
- Reduces stress and anxiety
- Reduces the risk of heart disease
- Improve memory
- Helps focus thoughts
- Promotes concentration
- Develops emotional intelligence
meditation and immune system

According to psychologist Guido Aguila, there are many studies that show the relationship between a healthy immune system and meditation.

Kuna (1975) found that meditation decreases anxiety, increases attention levels and the discrimination process for decision making; it gives greater resistance to environmental stress and increases both the efficiency of learning and the activity of the nervous system.

The authors Seeman, Fagan and Seeman M. (2003) reviewed the impact of meditation on physiological indicators in studies published between 1974 and 2001 and found reported effects on variables such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, low hormone levels of stress, less oxidative stress, specific patterns of brain activity and better indicators of health.

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