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If you have a craving for a quick, spicy and healthy recipe then you are on the right note because you will love this recipe for crazy cucumbers , made with Nochiola healthy snacks and a little chamoy.

Also, before revealing this delicious and simple recipe, we will tell you all the properties and benefits of the ingredients that you will use for this snack . In this way, you will know that, in addition to being delicious and perfect to kill the craving, they are extremely healthy and good for your body.

crazy cucumbers nochiola

Cucumber and its Benefits

Eating cucumber constantly, especially in hot weather will cool you down, no matter which way you eat it. Whether you prefer to prepare them in a delicious fresh water or as a healthy and spicy snack like Cucumbers Locos with Chamoy , you will always be consuming one of the richest fruits in vitamins and minerals, as well as in flavor.

For starters, one of the main characteristics of cucumbers is how good they are at keeping your brain healthy. This fruit contains flavonol, which is an antioxidant and inflammatory that promotes better connectivity between each of your neurons. In this way, it will keep your brain more careful.

It is a natural moisturizer and anti-inflammatory for the human body, it also provides your cells with the nutrients they need most. By having a lot of water and fiber , cucumber is an excellent food for you to have better digestion, improve the PH of your stomach and suffer from fewer reflux problems.

Cucumber is one of the richest fruits in B vitamins, which are key to avoiding anxiety problems or high stress. One of the best times to eat your crazy cucumbers is when you are at work, as it will help you stay more relaxed during your work hours and will be effective in killing hunger in a healthy way.

Suffice it to say that it is a very low-calorie fruit , so, as a snack, it is perfect for you to eat to fill up without losing your figure. Practically, any nutritionist will recommend that you include it in your diet to lose weight.

Finally, another of the main benefits of eating cucumber on a regular basis is maintaining a healthy heart. Being a food with a lot of potassium and natural minerals, it will help you regulate your blood pressure.

Crazy cucumbers and Nochiola healthy snacks.

crazy cucumber ingredients

To prepare your delicious crazy cucumbers with chamoy, in addition to needing cucumber and chamoy, you will have to add some of the Nochiola products. In this way, you will have a doubly healthy and delicious snack ; In this recipe we will give you the ingredients that we believe go best with cucumber, but if you prefer to add others, you can prepare them to your liking.

Nochiola snacks are characterized by being 100 percent natural, super low in calories; free of added sugars, artificial colors or flavors. They are also rich in calcium, iron and potassium; plus they retain their original vitamins and minerals.

The Nochiola snacks that we will recommend adding to your crazy cucumbers are:

Mixed Nuts

crazy cucumbers dried fruit

For your crazy cucumbers to be delicious, we recommend adding a little of our Antioxidant Mix . The peanut, chili cranberry and the Indian nut with which it is prepared will give your snack a delicious salty flavor. In addition, they will give you a crunch that will fascinate you every time you eat it.

One of the main benefits of this Antioxidant Mix is ​​the properties it has that help prevent cell damage . In this way, you will prevent deterioration in the skin and in your internal organs; With this you will slow down aging and diseases such as diabetes or heart problems.

Veggie Chips

crazy cucumbers veggie chips

In our online store you will find different flavors of Veggie Chips; however, the ones your cucumbers will be most delicious with are sweet potatoes and dehydrated jicama . Its delicious and sweet flavor goes perfectly with the spiciness of the chamoy and the other ingredients.

Sweet potato, like nuts, is rich in antioxidants that will prevent heart disease and if you have diabetes, including it in your diet will help you have good blood sugar levels. It doesn't matter if you eat it as a dehydrated snack in your delicious crazy cucumbers or prepared as a vegetable.

On the other hand, jicama is similar to cucumber in that it is one of the lowest calorie fruits. It also contains fiber that helps fight constipation and various digestive problems such as stomach infections. It contains a lot of calcium to strengthen the bones and has diuretic properties.

Amaranth fritters

crazy cucumbers churritos amaranth

Our amaranth churritos are delicious and very healthy, compared to the churritos that are regularly sold in any store. They are rich in fiber and minerals that will benefit your health, without forgetting that we follow the traditional preparation recipes of many Mexican producers.

The amaranth that we use to prepare it is one of the greatest sources of amino acids; this makes it an excellent source of plant-based protein that can contribute to a vegan diet. Without forgetting all the nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that make it up.

The churritos that we prepare with chia are one of the snacks with the greatest benefits for your health, that's why we recommend you include them in your crazy cucumbers. This snack has essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6 that are of great support in the prevention of heart disease. Likewise, it also has antioxidants that prevent cancer and other similar evils.

Our churritos with piquín chili will give a spicy touch to your snack, that's why they can't be missing when you go to prepare it. The chili with which we prepare them has vitamins C and A, which are responsible for improving your circulation. It is a fruit that will strengthen your respiratory system against any infection that tries to affect you.

Finally, you will have to add chipotle churritos that, although they are not as spicy as the chili piquín ones, will give an incredible flavor to your snack. As if that were not enough, they also have analgesic properties, will maintain your cholesterol levels and are rich in antioxidants.

Ingredients of the Cucumbers Locos with chamoy

How to prepare your Crazy Cucumbers?

  1. Peel the cucumbers , slice them in half and cut off the ends without reaching the seeds. With a small knife remove the seeds.
  2. In a bowl add chamoy, soak the cucumbers and frost them.
  3. Cut the jicama in half. Grate the first half and chop the second half into sticks.
  4. Place the cucumbers on a plate and fill us with grated jicama, amaranth churritos and Antistress Mix.
  5. Serve the Nochiola snacks around the cucumbers, place celery sticks with jicama and cover the mixture with chamoy.

Our mouths were watering just writing this recipe for crazy cucumbers ! What are you waiting for to run to the kitchen and prepare them? And, if you still don't have your Nochiola healthy snacks , order yours from our online store and receive it at home; We have deliveries throughout the Mexican Republic.

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