Aguas de sabores (naturales)

Flavored waters (natural)


Drinking water is an essential part of staying healthy. Therefore, we give you some suggestions to flavor natural and carbonated water with natural ingredients.

If you like soft drinks and are looking for a way to replace them; We recommend that you squeeze 1/4 of a lemon in a glass of mineral water, add a pinch of Himalayan salt and half a teaspoon of chia. This drink will refresh and hydrate you.

jamaican cinnamon
Hibiscus flower is an ingredient that promotes detoxification. We recommend preparing it with a touch of cinnamon and lemon to enhance its flavor and add a delicious aroma.

For a liter of water you will need:
2 whole cinnamon sticks
10 grams hibiscus flower (1 cup)
two green lemons
1 tsp monk fruit (in case you want to sweeten it)

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rosemary infusion
Rosemary is proven to be beneficial for the brain and for weight loss. That is why it is enough to boil dry leaves of it for 3 minutes in a pot. Then let it cool and serve with ice. The water will have a slight hint of rosemary.

lemongrass iced tea
Lemongrass is an herb that adds flavor and aroma to water. In a liter of water place a handful of grass with a little chamomile. When it has boiled, let it cool and drink. The delicious taste of this cold tea will surprise you.

Prickly pears and pitahaya
The flavor and color of prickly pears is wonderful to color the water. Whether you decide to blend them or prefer to cut them into cubes, we recommend that you choose green or red prickly pears to prepare a blended prickly pear water. Or, you can put natural water with cubes of white or red pitahaya to fill the jar with color.

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citrus and cucumber
To give color and a citrus touch to your water, simply cut your favorite citrus fruit into slices and add a slice to each glass of water. Our favorite mix is yellow lemon with a slice of cucumber and mint leaves. You can also use orange, grapefruit, green lemon and mix them with mint.

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