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Nochiola, a very healthy taste

By: Mariela Gómez Roquero

Six years ago Rocío Peñalver created the first ones in her kitchen, today dehydrated pineapple enchiladas , amaranth churritos , mix of nuts , dehydrated jicama enchiladas and, recently, a low-calorie chamoy – delicious – are some of Nochiola's products. , a Mexican company that created Rocío “por eater”.

“I started out of self-interest to look for more options, and searching the stores I realized that there weren't really healthy products. So I decided to create my own brand.” A communicator by profession, six years ago she worked at Grupo Carso, where thanks to the fact that her mother gave her a homemade dehydrator, she began to sell her first bags with apples, pineapples and mixtures of nuts with fruits. “I realized that there was an interest genuine for consuming my snacks. There I saw the opportunity and I found the validation in the people”. That was the starting point, it changed the packaging, improved the logo and the image. Nochiola was a fact. Ricardo, her husband, is her partner.

tasty health
There is the idea that what is healthy is insipid and boring, so for Rocío it was very important to always communicate that “it is delicious, our snacks are not just for dieting. Because of the quality of the ingredients, anyone can enjoy it. The brand is jovial and fun”.

Rocío's commitment has always been to offer products that are as natural as possible and take advantage of their natural flavors: “A mango in itself is delicious, it doesn't need sugar. We take advantage of these products and make combinations that can exponentiate the flavors and make them richer”.
They do the same thing with textures, through processes; for example, dehydrated sweet potato is crunchy, while mango is soft. "We take advantage of the product, we do not have preservatives, flavors or artificial colors." The only ones that sweeten are the enchilada nopales, with agave honey, and the new chamoy, with monk fruit (natural sweetener).
As good Mexicans, almost all their products are enchiladas, it is something they want to promote, the national: chili, amaranth, nopal, jicama, mango, pineapple.

How do you decide what new product to launch?
“Testing, all the time we are looking for new flavors, identifying trends; if we like it, we do the development and the labeling process is done. We do not sell anything that we have not tried and that is not part of our diet.

They distribute in more than 2,000 stores and are committed to national growth and expansion abroad: "We already export to the United States, and there is interest in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Venezuela," she concludes proudly. _ It bears its name Nochiola –nocciola, in Italian–. He changed the double c for the ch, from Chío. Distribution On Amazon, nochiola. com, HEB, Farmacias del Ahorro and City Market in more than 2 thousand stores and are exported to the United States.
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