The best amaranth snack of 2020

This 2020 Reviewbox rated us as the best amaranth snack of 2020. This is great news because we have won in other categories of their rankings such as best veggie chips and dried fruit. It is an honor to be on the first step. We have much to celebrate

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"If cravings get the better of you, opt for this set of healthy snacks. This stunning, sugar-free presentation is made entirely with natural ingredients, with no artificial flavors, preservatives, or gluten. They all come in easy-to-storage resealable bags."

Experts' comments
This nutritional food is the most convenient alternative to maintain your body with the energy and vitamins of fruits, without compromising your diet and your figure. However, not all options are 100% ideal, that is why we have given ourselves the task of assisting you and showing you the ones that best suit you.”

Points to consider in each product

It is a good way to consume a snack that provides energy naturally without requiring preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Each of the 10 bags included in this package has 50 grams of a healthy and delicious product ideal to complement your diet, without guilt or remorse.

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Amaranth Properties

Improve your performance. Both physically and mentally, amaranth provides optimization of these areas through its high fiber content (much more than what you will find in other cereals) that helps the proper digestion of food. Its low glycemic index, vitamins and protein promote brain and neuronal activity.

Protects your heart. The fats present in amaranth are not harmful, on the contrary, its polyunsaturated quality helps regulate cholesterol levels and maintain a healthy and well-functioning heart. Its wide source of antioxidants and phenolic compounds is also added.

Strengthen your bones. This is one of the reasons why we should eat cereal constantly, and this superfood is fortified with calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus that will help prevent osteoporosis or support its treatment.

Watch your health. In general, amaranth is a great source of iron, vitamins, minerals, zinc, selenium and trace elements that, in addition to everything previously mentioned, will help you boost your immune system and avoid frequent infections and illnesses.

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