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Delicious Vegan Snacks to enjoy a craving

Vegan Snacks

Most vegans look to vegan snacks to satiate their between-meal cravings , and it can be difficult to find common store-bought sweets or desserts that don't contain animal ingredients. Gelatin, collagen, whey, milk solids, and more tend to be present in candies, even those that are considered healthy.

Did you know that 70% of people who try to go vegan give up and go back to eating meat? This happens not because they no longer believe in being vegan , nor because it is irrelevant to their health or because they do not care about their impact on the planet or on animals, but because the supply of products in stores or supermarkets is very limited and becomes very complicated.

If you have been vegan by inheritance from your parents you will not have any problem, but if you have recently converted, we know that it can be very difficult. Changing a habit is almost always complicated, and going vegan is no different.

At Nochiola we know what a vegan diet represents for you and for the well-being of the world, which is why one of the firsts we have at Nochiola is to offer products free of ingredients of animal origin and animal cruelty, which is why all our healthy snacks and our Chamoy Nochiola are ideal to integrate into your vegan lifestyle.

The best vegan snacks for when you're craving!

vegan night snacks

veggie chips

The famous Veggie Chips Nochiola will become your favorite snack as it combines the natural flavor of a super healthy and light food made without preservatives and with 100% natural ingredients. There is a wide range of enchilada veggie chip options such as: carrot, jicama, sweet potato and beetroot.

dehydrated fruits

At Nochiola you can find the most delicious dehydrated fruits made with 100% natural ingredients and with no added sugar. Our snacks are ideal for people who care about their health and are looking for healthy options that fit into their daily lives. Find pineapple, enchilada pineapple, enchilada mango, apple, enchilada apple, enchilada nopal, coconut, enchilada coconut and date with walnut.

amaranth fritters

Amaranth churritos are another very famous vegan snack, why? In addition to not containing ingredients of animal origin, these healthy snacks are delicious and nutritious since amaranth is considered a superfood. So, while you eat a snack, you will also be receiving the properties of this grain. You can find amaranth churritos with chia, amaranth churritos enchiladas with chipotle chili or piquín for those who prefer a spicy touch.

dried fruit mix

Nuts are considered superfoods for their enormous health benefits. The main nutrients of dried fruits are; calcium, magnesium, iron, carbohydrates and healthy fatty acids. Find great mixes for your different needs; Antistress Mix, Energy Mix and Antioxidant Mix.

Chamoy Nochiola

Is there anything more delicious than a vegan snack with chamoy sauce? This sweet and slightly spicy sauce is the perfect combination to enjoy with healthy snacks. Nochiola Healthy Chamoy Sauce is sweetened with Monk Fruit and contains Himalayan Pink Salt. Its flavors are perfectly balanced and naturally prepared with jamaica, a special blend of chili powder, and lots of love.

Are you craving vegan snacks to free yourself from those tempting cravings? At Nochiola you can find bags of the most delicious healthy snacks to taste . Energy and health to take away!

One of the main objectives of Nochiola is to offer you a nutritious and delicious option at the same time. Can you imagine it? We have a wide variety of dehydrated fruits and the best vegan snacks. Check them out here!

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