Snacks saludables para niños, ideales para cuidar su salud

Healthy snacks for children, ideal to take care of their health

Normally we tell our children: -Don't eat sweets, your teeth will bite! -, or - Stop eating junk because then you won't eat!. But did you know that there are healthy and delicious snacks for children?

Remember that not everything is black and white, if the right foods are offered at the right time, snacks can play an important role in controlling children's hunger and improving their nutrition.

At Nochiola we want to start by eliminating the prejudices that exist around snacks, whether due to ignorance or denial, we are unaware of the magnificent benefits they can bring us.

Giving kids healthy snacks at the right time can even out hunger spikes and provide a much-needed energy boost between meals.

Snacks can keep younger kids from getting so hungry they get cranky, and older kids from overeating at main meals. And for picky eaters of all ages, snacking can be an added guarantee that they're getting the nutrients they need.

healthy snacks for kids

At Nochiola you can find the best healthy snacks for children, among which we highlight:

Veggie chips: they are delicious dehydrated and crunchy spicy vegetables in the form of chips: enchilada jicama, enchilada sweet potato, enchilada carrot and enchilada beets.

Amaranth churritos: surely you already know all the benefits of amaranth and there is no better way than to give it to the little ones in the form of churritos. Get them like; amaranth churritos with piquín, amaranth churritos with chipotle and amaranth churritos with chia.

Dried fruits: Children refuse to eat fruits, but what if you give them in the form of a snack? Find; enchilada coconut, dates with nuts, apple, enchilada apple, enchilada nopal, coconut, pineapple, enchilada pineapple, mango and enchilada mango.

Why are healthy snacks important for children?

Giving healthy snacks to children is possible! Plus, they're important for giving them good nutrition, supporting lifelong healthy eating habits, and helping prevent diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.

Are dehydrated snacks healthy for children?

The million dollar question, but the answer will still be yes. The dehydration process preserves the original nutritional value of a food. For example, carrot chips will have the same calorie, protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, and sugar content as fresh vegetables.

However, because dry foods lose their water content, they are generally smaller and have more calories per weight.

Healthy dehydrated snacks also retain:

  • essential fats
  • minerals
  • enzymes
  • most vitamins
  • antioxidants

Benefits of healthy snacks for children

It seems like getting your kids to eat right is a never-ending struggle. But switching to a healthy diet with healthy yet delicious snacks can have a very favorable effect on your child's health, helping them maintain a healthy weight, stabilize their mood, sharpen their mind and avoid various health problems.

A healthy diet can also have innumerable benefits in the feeling of mental and emotional well-being of the one you love the most. On the other hand, eating more fruits and vegetables also helps prevent issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and ADHD.

It's important to know that children aren't born with a craving for plain fries and pizza and a disdain for broccoli and carrots. This way of life occurs over time, as they are exposed to more and more unhealthy food choices.

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healthy snacks veggie chips for kids

Consume healthy snacks ideal for all ages!

Do you feed your children a healthy breakfast, pack them a nutritious lunch, and cook them a proper dinner most days of the week? Then you have earned a star on your forehead.

Now, what about snacks for children? If this is where parents feel distressed and with few options but don't worry because you are not alone.

We know that many parents, busy with work, housekeeping, after-school activities, and meal preparation, don't have the time or energy to prepare healthy snacks. It's much easier to give the kids a few cookies and tell them to sit on the couch.

The problem with that is that kids need healthy fuel between meals, not just empty calories and added sugar, which is exactly what they'll get from chips, cookies, or chocolates, for example.

We're not saying that these foods are always bad, but if your child is hungry and only eats foods that are high in carbohydrates and have little nutritional value, they may feel a little full, but will be hungry in an hour.

In fact, they will probably feel worse because their blood sugar level rose and then crashed.

In contrast, a nutritious kids' snack won't spike blood sugar, but it will provide essential nutrients and keep kids satisfied until their next meal. Ideally, it will have a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and a little bit of fat.

Think of it almost like a mini-meal, you may not get all of these nutrients with every single healthy snack, and that's fine as long as you get two or three and have macronutrients like protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats .

Keep in mind that snacking isn't a bad thing, in fact, it's a good thing, and may help prevent kids from overeating at mealtimes.

There is no doubt that, in addition to being extremely healthy, Nochiola's snacks for children will help you maintain your diet better. Enjoy them to the fullest and try them all asking for one of our combos.

So you will always have a snack at hand to enjoy without worrying about your health. Take advantage now that we have free shipping to all of Mexico if your order is over $699.

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