Nochiola 24/7

Nochiola 24/7

Rocío Peñalver, our CEO shares her recommendations to enjoy your healthy Nochiola snacks at any time of the day.

Morning Nochiola!
"I recommend starting the day with dehydrated fruits, they are ideal because that is when the body needs more energy for the activities to come."

Nochiola mixes (anti-stress, antioxidant and energy) are a good option
as a pre-workout since, as they contain carbohydrates, they are one of the main sources of energy used by the body. For the same reason, the walnut-stuffed date is a great option for this time of day.

Tip Nochiola : The date with walnut is one of our top sellers among athletes who made this product one of their allies during training and competitions.

A very nightly afternoon
"Without a doubt, I would choose the Nochiola veggie chips because they are a super light and voluminous snack that takes away that anxiety of wanting to eat more."

Veggie chips Nochiola (dried carrots, sweet potatoes, beets and jicama and
enchilados) because they are a good substitute for toast or fried tortilla chips with this option of dehydrated vegetables you can dip some sauce, dressing or protein (a heart of palm ceviche or tuna aguachile).

Night night Nochiola
During the night, the natural coconut or enchilado give energy through the natural fat they contain and since they do not have carbohydrates, they do not raise insulin. In addition, it is good for the bones and the heart.

Coconut and spicy coconut Nochiola because when you have dinner you should look for a source of protein and good fats such as those contained in coconut. And the best news for those on a keto diet is that our Coconut Nochiola (in both presentations) is 100% keto.

Happy weekend!
In short, the churritos and the veggie chips. They are the best option to replace an indulgent snack such as French fries or cracklings because Nochiola churritos and veggie chips , in addition to having great quality and good ingredients, are delicious and contain a minimum portion of fat. They are so rich that they could pass for any other unhealthy snack.

Many nutritionists and health experts recommend them to their
patients as long as the indicated portions are respected as it should be with any food group (protein, carbohydrate and fat).

"There is a combination that I prepare with Ricky, my fiancé, that cannot be missed for the weekend. We choose a veggie chip and mix it with amaranth churritos with chia , spicy nopal and with an antioxidant mix (the one that comes with chilito) and We prepare it with a mixture of sauces and lemon. They are a super rich and profitable option. Ideal to share with your loved ones." - Rocio Penalver

Tip Nochiola: Behind each package we put the recommended portion for each product, which on average is 30 grams.

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