Lista de regalos para este 2020

Gift list for this 2020


It's time to share and give away. This is our 2020 by Nochiola gift list that includes an agenda, organic products, active wear outfit, healthy snacks and skin care products.


We couldn't start this list without including our delicious healthy snacks that are also a delicious gift for those who lead a healthy life but don't want to sacrifice the taste of their snacks.

Our snacks are guilt-free, healthy and have divine packaging that will fill whoever receives them with joy.

In each family, sugar-free products, free of artificial flavors, KETO, without artificial colors, vegan and more stand out.

Choose the one that suits the profile of who will receive it and share Nochiola with your loved ones in any of our presentations and families:

veggie chips

dehydrated fruits
amaranth fritters

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Allora is our sister brand that is part of the family brands. As the brand describes it, enjoying Allora garments is a time for you, within the day to day. It is the moment in which you leave the everyday, the routine and decide to become the best version of you.

If you like sportswear that is also cute for selfies when exercising, then it's time to give Allora to your loved ones.

At the moment you can find top and leggings sets, t-shirts and jackets.

Buy Allora here


The functional foods brand of healthy products has a whole line of healthy products that range from Monk Fruit to organic tinctures. Our recommendation to give away is the Beauty Kit: 4 superfood masks, a kit that includes natural facial masks designed to nourish and feed your skin. Each one contains the ideal ingredients to achieve the 4 specific objectives that your skin requires at different times. They are made with 100% organic raw material, free of preservatives, free of parabens and free of animal cruelty.

The kit includes:
1 Gift Cosmetic Bag
1 Brush.
1 mixing bowl.
1 Forever Young - Hyaluronic Acid + Cocoa Mask: Anti-aging and Collagen Precursor.
1 Today is the Day - Vitamin E + Mangosteen Mask: Extremely Nourishing and Moisturizing.
1 Detox Please - Spirulina + Chlorella Mask: Detoxifying and Toning.
1 Spicy Wake Up - Ginger + Turmeric Mask: Astringent and Anti-inflammatory.

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Alcachofa y Romero is a store concerned with offering organic products that help us lead a healthy life while taking care of the planet.

As a gift we recommend the Good Vibes Only kit to ward off bad vibes, cleanse the spirit and bring a ray of happiness to the life of whoever receives it.

It includes:
Palo Santo: Ideal for spiritual cleansing, it drives away bad vibes and fills with positive energy.
Vegan Chocolate: Delicious artisanal chocolate for a happy heart, made in Mexico based on plants.
Insect Repellent: Repels insects naturally and without putting chemicals on the skin, it is kind to sensitive skin and has a long-lasting effect.
Essential Oil Roll-On Peppermint: Helps reduce skin inflammation, relieve headaches and combat depression and chronic fatigue.

This kit will also help the recipient to relax from the inside out, it is perfect as a gift for people with busy lives who need a break, “Good Vibes Only” will bring a smile to their day.

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This gift will help the recipient to lead an organized life that allows him to balance his activities with this wonderful planner.

It is an annual agenda (January 2021-December 2021) created for any woman who wants a balance in her personal and professional life. Designed by Pamela Romo.

What makes this planner so special and different?
In addition to the design, its content. It contains space for: Annual Goals, Monthly Goals, Weekly Goals, Monthly and Weekly Expenses, Habits and agreements with yourself, Daily Thanks as well as Tips each month made by guest experts such as Romina Sacre, Kalinda Kano, Coquis from Inaaagold and many more.

In the day to day you will find space for: Achievements, Appointments, Earrings, Glasses of Water, Well-being Checklist and other surprises: Inspirational phrases, Bucket List, Trips and other activities to nourish the soul, Reminders of self-love.

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