Hábitos de la gente exitosa

Habits of successful people

I want to tell you that I have been investigating habits of entrepreneurs and people successful. I want to share them with you because I believe they can change your life too.


MEDITATE : This is an activity that I always put off and now that I'm doing it OMG! it's like magic. It gives me amazing mental clarity. I am being aware of my thoughts to modify them towards a more positive plane. I highly recommend them. The app I'm using to meditate is called @headspace

DO EXERCISE‍: It is super important to stay active to spread your mind, sweat and release toxins. Exercising can be the difference between starting your day happy or bad! #endorphines

LEARN SOMETHING NEW: Read a book, read articles, listen to podcasts or audiobooks. If you are a person who finds it difficult to read or you feel that you do not have much time to do it, I recommend an app called @blinkist My brother recommended it to me. . This app makes book summaries in 15 min and allows you to learn something new in no time (15 minutes will be enough for you). I also love listening to podcasts, there are some great ones. My favorite topics are: entrepreneurship, abundance, mindfulness, positive thinking, fitness, healthy living, I recommend these podcasts @queridaagenda @seregalandudas @desoulasoul #soypositivoyque from @tofyjr #radiofitnessrevolucionario.
Tip: I take advantage when I do cardio to learn something new and I feel doubly productive.

SLEEP: if you don't sleep well... you thunder, your body really needs to rest, replenish energy, rebuild. If you don't give him that opportunity, he won't give you the 100% you need to achieve everything you set out to do. It's BASIC... Stop keeping up!

HEALTHY EATING: You are what you eat, literally! and if you eat poorly all the time, you eat sugar, refined carbohydrates, etc; those will be the foods that your body and your cells will take to regenerate and function. When you eat healthy your energy changes, your mood changes and you have more mental clarity. Test it!
I hope these recommendations work for you and you can improve your habits until you become the successful person you want.
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