6 Podcasts para tener un estilo de vida saludable

6 Podcasts to have a healthy lifestyle


Podcasts or podcasting are blogs in audio format that are broadcast regularly. They are a perfect tool to entertain yourself while you exercise or some other activity because in them you will be able to listen to enriching experiences that will encourage your path. I made a selection of my favorites, I hope you like them and enjoy them (with some Nochiola snacks) as much as I do.

Radio Fitness Revolucionario is the channel where they interview people who are providing a more complete and rigorous vision of health. In this podcast you will also find audio articles and episodes with answers to questions from the audience.

I really like this podcast because Marcos Vázquez constantly shares the most relevant information in the field of fitness. What is trending, common doubts and other deeper ones, in short, everything related to the universe of fitness, nutrition and supplementation with a scientific and supported basis. I love that!. Revolutionary Fitness Radio is like an open book, my favorite podcast of the moment! Not only is Marcos a pro, he also interviews people specialized in different fields: sports, nutrition, keto diet, vegan diet, intermittent fasting, etc.

Ashley Frangie and Lety Sahagún are the creators of Se Regalan Doubts. A podcast designed so that those who listen to it find a space where they can connect with all those topics that interest them and give them their doubts.

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I love this podcast because they talk about many common topics such as interpersonal relationships and self-improvement. They actually talk about a little bit of everything and I like that they keep me up to date because they cover current issues.

A podcast that talks about our questions and consciousness. By @yajairarddz and @montsecattori. Find it on iTunes Podcasts and Spotify.

This one is really cool because it's focused on self-improvement. As you listen, they help you improve your “inner self”, the way you see and perceive yourself, which in turn will influence how others perceive you. Another thing that caught me about this podcast is that they talk about positive thoughts and the practice of mindfulness to achieve your personal goals.

Martha Debayle is an entrepreneur and thought leader who needs no introduction. In his podcast he talks about a bit of everything but what I like is that he interviews experts in different disciplines so you have a wide range of ultra-interesting topics with cutting-edge topics. It's like a “magazine” podcast but my favorite chapters are the ones focused on health and wellness. Among them are interviews Sascha fitness and Joe Dispenza… you can't miss them.

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  • dear radio

I LOVE YOUR PODCAST because they interview Mexican businesswomen and talk about how they started and what their most difficult moments were, the obstacles they encountered as well as tips for those who want to start a business. The truth is a highly inspiring podcast for me. Some newer ventures than mine, others with more experience but finally full of pure experiences that motivate.

In this podcast Oso interviews cool people in different areas which allows you to learn about the history of talented people ranging from businessmen to athletes. For me it is 100% motivational to hear these kinds of stories. In addition, many chapters focus on self-improvement. LOVE!

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