About Us

Healthy snacks that DO take away your craving!

Nochiola is a Mexican brand of natural healthy snacks, without artificial colors or flavors, or added sugars. Ideal for those seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Why Nochiola? It is called Nochiola because its founder, Rocío Peñalver , wanted the brand to represent her passions and ideals, which is why she decided to mix the words nocciola (hazelnut in Italian) and Chio (for Rocio).

We are the leading brand of healthy snacks in Mexico with a selection of delicious snacks in categories such as amaranth churritos with piquín, chia and chipotle, a complete line of dehydrated, natural and enchilada fruits, mixes of functional nuts (energy, antioxidant and anti-stress ), dehydrated veggie chips and chamoy without sugar. For sale at nochiola.com and at points of sale such as: HEB, City Market, Costco, Farmacias del Ahorro, Amazon, Mercado Libre México.

Since January 2020 we have a presence in international territory with exports to the United States.