Tips top con Nochiola para tu ensalada

Top tips with Nochiola for your salad

Spinach salad with Nochiola healthy snacks

Salads are a mixture of fresh, sweet, salty or dehydrated ingredients that, when combined, allow us to enjoy a complete, healthy, colorful and delicious dish. That's why we share some tips to take your salad to another level with Nochiola.

1. Chamoy vinaigrette
The delicious flavor of a dressing, vinaigrette or alioli can take your salad to another level, that's why we recommend using the Nochiola chamoy to prepare vinaigrettes with fruits such as raspberry, raspberry, mustard or olive oil. You'll love it.

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2. Combine textures
Sometimes the richest salads are those that combine soft, crunchy, fluffy textures and more. That's why dare to include ingredients that have these characteristics. From a crispy asparagus to a crispy nugget. For this mix we recommend adding our mixes ( Energetic Mix and Antioxidant Mix ) of dried fruits that have walnuts, pips, cranberry, raisins and more.

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3. Add color to your salad
If you feel that your salad only has a green base due to lettuce, spinach or kale, then remember to add colorful ingredients such as peaches, beets or dehydrated fruits and vegetables such as pineapple, mango, or spicy nopal.
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4. Use veggie chips
If you like to find crunchy portions while eating a salad, then we recommend using small pieces of veggie chips because, in addition to being the perfect complement, they are ideal for dipping if you accompany your salad with a dip, hummus or jocoque.

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