Nochiola in Excelsior and The Knower

This is one of those weeks where Nochiola starts off on the right foot. We are very excited because El Conocedor magazine and the Excelsior newspaper mentioned us as "The option to take care of yourself in a delicious way and at any time."

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We want to share and quote for you the mention we had this Monday, June 15, 2020 so that it stays in the trunk of Nochiola's memories.

"The option to take care of yourself in a delicious way and at any time.
In short, taking care of food should not be boring or insipid, much less when Nochiola has arrived to brighten our days and fill them with flavor. This is a Mexican brand specialized in healthy and natural snacks that do not contain artificial colors or flavors, much less added sugars. It is impossible to resist amaranth churritos, dehydrated beets, dried fruits or enchiladas when their flavor is delicious and their nutritional contribution is full of value. The packages (in addition to being super cute) are practical to take anywhere, so there is no longer an excuse not to eat a healthy snack while you work or study, if you are traveling or if you want to add a delicious touch to your meals. prescriptions. You can find Nochiola snacks in stores such as HEB, City Market, Farmacias del Ahorro and Amazon Mexico, as well as on its website, where you will find very good promotions."

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What an honor to be among the recommendations of these two media outlets!

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