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Why is it important for health to eat nutritious snacks?

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For almost anyone trying to manage their weight, choosing nutritious snacks can be a challenge. It is important to know that despite the fact that there are many snacks considered unhealthy, there are also nutritious and delicious snacks , which can be a very important part of your diet.

They can provide energy in the middle of the day or when you exercise. Best of all, a nutritious snack between meals can also curb your hunger and keep you from overeating.

3 powerful benefits to eating nutritious snacks

Balance blood sugar levels

Nutritious snacks will help you keep your blood sugar levels balanced. This is especially helpful for diabetics, but is also recommended for people without diabetes.

Remember that large spikes and drops in blood sugar levels can make insulin resistance , type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure more likely over time. Don't take it lightly!

You will no longer overeat

Eating nutritious snacks helps prevent getting too hungry between meals and then overeating at the next meal. So, you know, the next time you start feeling hungry a little before lunch or dinner time, you don't have to wait, eat healthy snacks instead!

You can combine carbohydrates from dried fruits or vegetables with protein foods like nuts for a perfect, balanced combination.

They provide many nutrients

As long as you choose nutritious snacks, they will help you meet your nutrient needs for the daily shifts . Keep in mind that most of the snacks you eat should consist of nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, or seeds.

The best tips for eating nutritious snacks

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We all know the research on the health effects of between-meal snacking behaviors. However, the following tips can help you if you finally decided to include nutritious snacks in your diet and to have adequate total energy intake and maintain a healthy and balanced diet… Take note!

Fill your pantry with nutritious snacks

Replace snacks that are high in saturated fat, salt, and sugar, such as candy and cookies, with healthier snacks , such as nuts and dried fruit, and amaranth fritters . Completely change your cupboard, remember that; if the unhealthy snacks are there, it's very easy to be tempted to eat them. Not having these snacks within reach at home and at work can help you select something healthier.

control portions

It is very important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, consider the size of the portion of your snack, because remember that, although we are talking about nutritious snacks, in excess everything is bad. You can combine a handful of Nochiola Anti-Stress Mix with Greek yogurt to have a delicious and complete snack!

Control the amount of snacks you eat during the day. If you're snacking multiple times a day, think about the amounts and when you snack. Try to eat three regular balanced meals a day.

Listen for hunger cues

Before reaching for that cookie offered during a work meeting or trying to break through boredom or anxiety, consider whether you're really hungry. Although research is limited, it has been suggested that listening to your body's hunger and fullness signals, rather than, say, eating in response to a sensation , may help some people avoid overeating.

Avoid shopping when you are hungry 

There is some research that suggests that if you are hungry, you are more likely to choose less healthy snacks. You can also make a list of nutritious snacks to buy to help you make choices when you're at the store.

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