Botanas veganas libres de culpa

Guilt free vegan snacks

Vegans are people who follow a regimen or diet based on excluding foods of animal origin such as meat, milk, cheese, eggs or honey.

Although, it is important to note that for many vegans, the fundamental thing is to consider their diet as part of their lifestyle that defends and protects animals.

If you intend to follow a vegan diet or are already part of the vegan movement, we share guilt-free vegan snack options.

Dehydrated Carrot Enchilada Nochiola
Our dehydrated carrot is made with natural ingredients such as chili to give it a spicy flavor. No added sugar, no dyes, no artificial flavors, vegan and made with love. For a delicious snack, we recommend using it as a "toast" for a vegan carrot tinga in which you replace the chicken and include carrots, chipotle peppers, and onions.

Dehydrated sweet potato enchilada Nochiola
The delicious flavor of sweet potato with no added sugar, no dyes, no artificial flavors, vegan and made with love in a crunchy version that is also perfect for dipping . That's why we suggest you enjoy our Nochiola sweet potato veggie chips with a 100% vegan artichoke dip.

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Nochiola energy mix
Nochiola nuts are a 100% vegan source of energy thanks to their origin. In addition to being delicious, you can use them as an ingredient in sweet or savory recipes such as roasted edamame. We suggest you include the pepitas and cashew nuts from our Nochiola Anti-Stress Mix the next time you roast them in your pan or wok because they add a crunchy texture to this delicious combination. If you want to buy more Nochiola nuts, click here .

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Dehydrated Jicama Enchilada Nochiola
The best thing about our dehydrated jicama is that the crunchy texture of the jicama is really surprising. In addition to being vegan and containing no added sugars, colors or artificial flavors, it is ideal for adding a spicy touch to your recipes. You can snack on it with a chickpea, jicama, cilantro and lemon salad or eat it straight from the bag.

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Dehydrated beetroot enchilada Nochiola
Beetroot is delicious, colorful and nutritious, that's why our beetroot is transformed into vegan and crunchy veggie chips that we suggest you transform into buffalo cauliflower chips now that air fryers are the trendiest appliance take the opportunity to prepare this recipe and mix it with our beets .

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