5 Tips para conservar tus snacks saludables

5 Tips to keep your snacks healthy

We want to share 5 tips to better preserve your "snacks" and that you can enjoy them in the best way.

  1. Store them in a cool, dry place. It is important that you store your snacks in a cool and dry place, without exposure to sunlight or high temperatures. Remember that our snacks do not have preservatives, so this way you can enjoy them for longer.
  2. Close the zipper well. Before storing your snacks again, check that the zipper is tightly closed, thus preventing air from entering the bag and drying or moistening your snacks.
  3. Put the veggie chips in the fridge. If you notice that your veggie chips They have a soft texture "don't worry", put them in the fridge 20 minutes before eating them and they will be crispy again, enjoy them with a sauce or a delicious dip.
  4. Put the nuts in the freezer. This is the best way to keep your nutsThey will last you for months or even years. Take them out 10 minutes before eating to soften the chocolate and dried fruit.
  5. Don't share them. So you can keep them better and eat them on your own.



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