Tips para darle sabor a tu ensalada

Tips to flavor your salad

A balanced diet in which vegetables predominate is part of a good diet. That's why we give you some tips to flavor your salad.

Classic vinaigrette with Nochiola antioxidant mix

To prepare a classic vinaigrette the ingredients you will need are: oil, vinegar and salt. If you want to give it an extra touch of flavor, we recommend adding tomato, parsley, oregano, cilantro or our Energy Mix which, in addition to the flavor of the blueberries with chilies, will give it a crunchy texture thanks to the nuts.

dehydrated fruits

When we mix lettuce and plants such as spinach or arugula to use as the base of our salads, sometimes we lack a sweet touch to balance the flavor of the salad. That is why we recommend you include coconut pieces when you include, for example, fresh watermelon or, if you decide to put some citrus segments, you can compensate with date pieces with walnuts. Take the test and discover the delicious taste of this mixture.

Veggie chips Nochiola

Salads sometimes include croutons or fried tortilla chips. We suggest you combine your salads with veggie chips for that crunch that goes very well with raw vegetables and without giving up vegetables.

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