Los mejores del 2020

The best of 2020

On April 7, 2020, Reviewbox contacted us to communicate doubly good news, our Veggie chips and our Dehydrated Fruits had been recognized as the best of 2020 in the organic ranking in which we competed with dozens of products in each category before being recognized in the first place.

The Reviewbox Method

14 products analyzed

18 hours of analysis

7 studies evaluated

72 collected comments



1st Place – Combo of 10 Nochiola snacks

“Nochiola is a brand that guarantees you totally organic ingredients, made with the intention of taking care of your health, being a ready-to-eat option at any point of the day. This combo is deliciously presented in 10 resealable bags ranging from 35g to 100g.
Their selection includes coconut, amaranth churritos with chia and chipotle, jicama, mango, nopal, beets and chili sweet potatoes, as well as two special mixes to energize your body, wake up your metabolism and boost your body with antioxidants. A perfect product for people with celiac disease or who are looking for a natural alternative.”

1st Place – Assorted Veggie Chips Nochiola

"Nochiola's assortment of veggie chips is gaining a lot of fame for its great flavor, as well as being super healthy and having a very nice presentation, ideal for a mid-morning snack. This assortment includes jicama, beet, sweet potato and carrot chips.
The chips are enchiladas and are produced by dehydration, which makes them quite healthy. They do not contain added sugars or preservatives or flavorings. They are gluten free. The Nochiola box that we present to you includes 8 bags of 60 grams each."

Experts' comments
This nutritional food is the most convenient alternative to maintain your body with the energy and vitamins of fruits, without compromising your diet and your figure. However, not all options are 100% ideal, that is why we have given ourselves the task of assisting you and showing you the ones that best suit you.”

Points to consider in each product
Dehydrated fruits are the result of a drying process or, as its name suggests, dehydration through which fruits go in order to reduce their size. This seeks to compact its vitamin, nutritional and mineral benefits, adding the versatility of a snack.

  • Rich in minerals and phytonutrients. Highly recommended by professionals thanks to its composition full of antioxidants and fatty acids that compensate for the natural levels of minerals.
  • Rich in fiber. Some of these fruits are some of the most used in diets to gain weight and gain muscle mass.
  • Rich in vitamins. The dehydrated fruit continues to maintain up to 19 vitamins in its composition, vitamin A, E and B are the leading elements.

About Reviewbox
Reviewbox is a medium that seeks to promote a culture of rational consumption through a team of purchase guides and recommendations. They are focused on providing the highest quality information on a wide variety of consumer items. The goal is for users to be informed about any product they wish to purchase online . 

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