Veganismo, vegetarianismo y plant based

Veganism, vegetarianism and plant based


The Cambridge dictionary defines a plant-based diet or plant-based diet as a diet in which unprocessed plant-based products predominate or prevail, such as: vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, whole grains, healthy fats (In small quantities)

It is important to mention that among other flexitarian diets such as veganism or vegetarianism. In this, certain foods of plant origin may predominate in order to have a more balanced diet and a healthier life.

Veganism, for example, is a lifestyle that rejects the consumption of any product of animal origin with an activist mentality that defends animals beyond food and, among other things, manifests it through food, preferring consumption of vegan, vegetable or raw vegan products.

For its part, vegetarianism (in some cases) allows the consumption of some products of animal origin such as eggs and dairy products.

At Nochiola we want you to have the freedom to consume our products without having to break your diet or betray your lifestyle. That is why we are so passionate about plant-based consumption, since we are a brand in which all our products are (and will be) of plant origin as part of our project and brand philosophy.

This 2020 studies have shown that consumers are inclined to consume more natural foods in which vegetables, fruits, seeds and all those products that can result in a healthy lifestyle and a strong immune system prevail.

It is important to clarify that the plant-based diet is not against meat, nor its consumption; however, it proposes that meals be more nutritious and with more vegetables to obtain results such as better digestion or a higher level of concentration.

If you want to start a plant-based lifestyle or diet, the first thing we recommend is that you approach a nutritionist specialized in the subject so that, based on your profile, he can advise you and supplement you in a healthy way.

We recommend you follow Dr. Mauricio González @DrMauricioGon to begin the process and learn, from the hand of an expert, everything you need to know to start.

Remember that plant-based eating is not necessarily eating only vegetables. It is making them prevail little by little until it becomes a form of consumption.

To start a plant-based diet with delicious recipes, our recommendation is that you follow Sofía Alcachofa @alcachoffa to prepare dishes as delicious as a carrot pancake or a spicy udon or simply to give yourself a break from meat.

Regardless of the type of food you choose, or more importantly, it will always be that the proportion of vegetables, fruits, vegetables and inputs of vegetable origin are the ones that predominate in your meals.

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