Tu peso no te define por Majo Gallardo

Your weight does not define you by Majo Gallardo






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I want to talk about the subject of weight and body composition, for me, it is key because many people and I probably include myself, we have been obsessed with the number that appears on the scale.

But, have you ever wondered what makes up our weight? Weight is made up of fat, muscle, water, organs, bone, among others. So, imagine a normal day, if we have just eaten, we have just had water, we are dehydrated, we went to the bathroom or we have not gone to the bathroom, among other situations, the weight can vary greatly. And more so being women because unfortunately before and during our menstrual period the weight is not real, due to fluid retention and even fat gain due to the hormonal process that takes place.

Another very important thing, why we should not focus on just weighing ourselves, when we do physical activity or exercise, muscle mass can increase and what do you think? muscle is much denser, therefore it weighs more than fat. But if we lose fat, it will be noticed automatically in measurements, since fat occupies more volume in our body.

So think well what your goal is, lose weight or lose fat? Increase muscle mass? Do not weigh yourself on a conventional scale, better go to a health professional, to measure your body composition, by means of bioelectric impedance scales, or with anthropometry, to better monitor your progress.

I invite you to remove the idea that there is an ideal weight, there is a healthy state of the body and a suitable body composition, depending on your goals.

Majo Gallardo | @numanutrition

Clinical and Sports Nutritionist


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