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Paulina Cedillo @tunutriologaenmexico , is a nutritionist, has a specialty in oncology nutrition, diabetes and is certified in ketogenic diet; For this reason, at Nochiola we decided that he is the right person to answer your question: What is the Keto Diet? In addition to this question, you may have other questions about what is eaten in this diet, if fruits and vegetables are allowed in the keto diet or how you can do it, which the expert will answer below.

What do you think of the Keto Diet?
Paulina Cedillo: It's an excellent diet that's been around for many years and was mainly invented for people with epilepsy because what it does is it's a high-fat protein diet. A keto diet includes ingredients like avocado, seeds, and olive oil. It's good for people with epilepsy because what it does is the neurotransmitters that wire our brains start to coat more and more.

Why is it not for everyone?
Paulina Cedillo: It's not for everyone and it's not for life. If you do it for more than four or five months, it will no longer serve you, and you will not lose weight. In addition to the fact that you are going to present deficits or problems such as hair loss, dry skin, constipation. It is not a diet for those who want to lose a few kilos, so it is better to follow a low-carb diet.

What is the Keto Diet?
Paulina Cedillo: It's a high-fat diet. People have three cartridges or energy sources: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. There are products that can be integrated, such as Nochiola's enchilada dehydrated coconut . And people burn energy, sleeping, walking and exercising. And the last source of energy that the body runs out of is protein. There is no way for us to finish the proteins of the body.

It is a diet high in fat, not protein.
Paulina Cedillo: No protein provides carbohydrates. The issue with this diet is that people confuse the diet and consume foods that are high in fat. The good fats (which are the ones we should eat on a keto diet ) are avocado, oils, seeds, etc. So, when people fill up on high-fat protein (like carnitas, barbecue, etc.), then they have kidney damage because they ate the wrong diet. Remember that people absorb 1% protein per serving. For example , if I weigh 55 kilos, I absorb 55 grams of protein per serving. It is important to note that fruits are NOT allowed on the Keto Diet because they do not provide protein, they provide carbohydrates.

The ideal is that after 21 days we meet again to find out if you have already made your diet a habit and that in six months you have already changed your diet. We have to learn to count calories, to read labels. We cannot go jumping from nutritionist to nutritionist.

How does a person know that they are a candidate for a Keto Diet?
Paulina Cedillo: They should be measured liver enzymes, types of pathologies, if they do not have a gallbladder it is important to check if they are candidates. Measure the kilos they want to lose, see if they can control anxiety. It cannot be done by a vegan or a vegetarian. In some types of cancer either. Not a pregnant or lactating woman because on a ketogenic diet you don't eat all the food groups.

Can you exercise when you do Keto Diet?
Paulina Cedillo: The first few days it is normal for you to feel bad. You have a dry mouth and a headache, tired because I am taking away your first source of energy, which are carbohydrates. High impact exercise is not recommended. You can do moderate exercise but it depends on each organism. I work in terms of goals, I work so that you learn to eat and not depend on me and you can generate habits.

How long is ideal to do Keto Diet ?
Paulina Cedillo: It has to be evaluated depending on the kilos that each person must lose. Because you are generating deficiencies and that is why you have to supplement with biotin, iron, etc. That supplementation will be necessary throughout the keto diet . I'm not going to let you sign up for a keto diet if you're not a candidate.

What do you eat on Keto Diet for a day?
Paulina Cedillo: For example , a small egg with the allowed vegetables and avocado. The rule is that it has to have vegetables , protein, and healthy fats. There are products that can be integrated.

How to identify a Keto product by the labels?
Paulina Cedillo: The rule to know if a product is keto is: you subtract the fiber from the carbohydrates and you can't get more than 5g. Because on a keto diet the maximum limit of carbohydrates allowed is 20g. Vegetables , for example , provide 4 grams of carbohydrate per serving. Let's take the example of Nochiola Dehydrated Coconut that has 9 grams of carbohydrates - 6 grams of fiber = 3 grams of carbohydrates. So Coconut Nochiola is keto.

What is the state of Ketosis?
Paulina Cedillo: The body is capable of easily oxidizing fat, including the individual's own reserves. That is why there are many slimming diets that induce this state with the aim of reducing body fat. The keto diet can be done with food and supplements, without miracle products; do not forget that fruits and vegetables are not allowed, it only includes some cereals.

What would be the correct percentage of macros for a Keto Diet?
Paulina Cedillo: It is recommended that 60% be fat, 30% protein and the other 10% carbohydrates. Although each body reacts differently, that must be understood.

What Vegetables are not allowed on the Keto Diet ?
Paulina Cedillo: Onion , garlic, carrot, chayote, peas and beets, which are the ones with the highest high glycemic index.

How to measure Ketones?
Paulina Cedillo: The most correct way to know if your keto diet is working is to have your blood drawn; You can also measure yourself with a glucometer, but the cheapest and most practical is the urine test.

what is keto

“The best thing is to learn to adapt your life to a healthy style and not to an obsessive style. Reach your goal without restricting yourself excessively. What we have to lose is fat and not muscle” -@tunutriologaenmexico

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