Toast y sándwiches con Nochiola

Toast and sandwiches with Nochiola


Sandwiches, entrepanes and toasts are some of the fastest and most practical preparations to cook. That's why we decided to celebrate World Sandwich Day with 5 nutritious and delicious combinations prepared with Nochiola.

caprese sandwich
You will need two slices of bread, sliced tomato, basil leaves, fresh mozzarella. Place a slice of tomato, five basil leaves and a slice of mozzarella cheese. Add a few drops of pesto and include a handful of Nochiola antioxidant mix to add a touch of sweet and spicy flavor.

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Strawberry toast with nuts
On a slice of peasant bread spread almond cream, sprinkle with chia and cut two strawberries into slices. For the final touch decorate with Nochiola energy mix.

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Avotoast with radish
On a slice of toast, spread four thin slices of avocado, add arugula leaves and finish with thin slices of radish, a touch of Himalayan salt and cayenne pepper. The perfect side is a mix of Nochiola veggie chips with jicama, sweet potato, and carrot.

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Hummus sandwich with beet chips

Between two slices of your favorite bread, spread hummus on one of the halves and place Nochiola beet chips. Add a portion of wheat germ, a slice of panela cheese and enjoy. We are sure that you will love the sensation of biting into an extra crispy sandwich.

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Apple Cinnamon Toast
Spread peanut butter on a slice of toasted artisan bread, add a slice of Nochiola apple, sprinkle with ground cinnamon and add a handful of Nochiola anti-stress mix. This combination is perfect to start the day with a lot of energy.

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