Tips para no comer de más en cuarentena

Tips for not overeating in quarantine


Many times we go through moments of anxiety while we are at home and we want to finish everything that is in the refrigerator and cupboard (if we have not already done so). So that this does not happen to you, I will give you my best tips to combat anxiety.

    1. Identify if it's hunger or anxiety . When it's hungry, we have that physiological need for the body to ask for food, even the belly hurts a little. You get in a bad mood (when there is a lack of food) and in a good mood when you eat (because you are satisfied). When it is anxiety, it is usually accompanied by something emotional or leisure, and when you eat you can no longer stop.

    2. Question yourself . If you are already in front of the refrigerator or the cupboard, ask yourself: is what I am going to eat going to nourish me? After eating it, will I feel guilty?

    3. Distract yourself. Channel the anxiety with another activity. Read a book, get up and walk around your house, move from the living room to the room or vice versa, check your cell phone, email, watch TV, talk to someone on the phone. The important thing is to stop thinking about food.

    4. Drink water . many times we confuse thirst with hunger, and when we drink water we realize that what our body was really asking us to hydrate and not eat.

    5. Never eat straight from the package. If anxiety got the best of you, take the package and serve yourself a small portion on a plate. When you eat from the package, you will most likely eat more than the portion you need to be full or worse, you will eat the entire interior of the package.

    6. Keep low-calorie foods on hand. Gelatin, vegetables (or Nochiola's dehydrated Veggie Chips), infusion mixes. That will help when you have anxiety to give priority to those foods that you already have on hand. and you will not be lazy to prepare or chop them.

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7. Change your cravings . If you have a craving for sweet bread, replace it with 2 Maria cookies or 1 rice cake with 1 teaspoon of sugar-free jam; hazelnut, peanut or almond cream without sugar or homemade. If you have a craving for chocolate, you can swap it for unsweetened or dark chocolate, or blended almond milk with cocoa powder and a little calorie-free sweetener, or a Nochiola anti-stress mix. Change your craving for chips for the portion indicated on the packaging of your favorite Nochiolas, it can be the amaranth churritos, for example.

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Remember that everything is in balance, it is not bad that once a week you give yourself a taste and pamper yourself with your favorite cookies, chocolate or chips, and from time to time you do your exchanges. The important thing is the quantities and not to abuse food.

I hope you liked it and that this quarantine is mild for you.

Majo Gallardo
Clinical and sports nutritionist

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