Jícama enchilada deshidratada: saludable, crujiente y deliciosa

Dehydrated enchilada jicama: healthy, crunchy and delicious

The flavor of jicama with chili is one of the quintessential snack flavors that Mexicans love. That is why it is one of the street flavors that goes from a glass with jicamitas to a jicaleta.

At Nochiola we offer you a healthy, spicy and crunchy way to consume this snack without sacrificing the properties and benefits of jicama. We are referring to our dehydrated jicama enchilada Nochiola (no added sugar, no dyes, no artificial flavors, good source of fiber, source of calcium, iron and potassium, vegan snack, made with love) that you can also now season with the delicious healthy chamoy Nochiola .
So that you fall in love with jicama, we tell you all about it:

The word jicama comes from the Nahuatl xicamatl which means "water root" erroneously called fruit is rather a root.
The jicama or Mexican turnip is a plant of the legume family. It is native to Central America and Mexico. It is grown especially for its tuberous roots, which are edible.

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Jicama Benefits
  • low calorie content
  • combat constipation
  • Quenches thirst and dry mouth
  • Improves calcium assimilation
  • Protects from gastrointestinal infections
  • It has diuretic properties
  • Strengthens the digestive system

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Jicama properties:

1. Contains vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, as well as traces of protein and lipids.
2. Its sweet flavor comes from oligo-fructose, which is not metabolized by the human body and is ideal for consumption by diabetics.
It's Low in Calories but High in Other Vital Nutrients

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