Frutas deshidratadas sin azúcar

Dehydrated fruits with no added sugar, a super nutritious food

Coconut Nochiola

Fruits provide our body with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are transformed into benefits for our body.

This happens because fruits also contain antioxidants, which help prevent premature aging by providing our organs (including the skin), with better quality and greater vitality.

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Consuming fruits daily is very favorable to prevent diseases such as heart problems, digestive problems, neurodegenerative diseases and even some types of cancer.

That is why our dehydrated fruits are a great option as a healthy snack at any time of the day.

Nochiola dehydrated fruits are made 100% naturally. No added sugar, no dyes, no artificial flavors. They are also vegan and ideal for people of all ages.

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In our family of dehydrated fruits you will find pineapple , enchilada pineapple, mango , enchilada mango , apple , enchilada apple , coconut , enchilada coconut and dates with walnuts .

Another fact about fruits is that they are sweet in a healthy way because they have few calories. That makes them the best sweet option to kill your craving.

Choose your favorite Nochiola fruit and find out why they are among the top products that are spoiled by our customers.

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