Beneficios del chipotle y por qué comerlo

Benefits of chipotle and why eat it

The chipotle chili is one of the most consumed chilies in Mexico. Its flavor reminds us of Mexican stews and recipes such as meatballs or picadillo. In addition to dips and dressings that give flavor to our snacks.

At Nochiola our family of snacks includes amaranth churritos with chipotle chili as it is an ingredient with many benefits.

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Before being chipotle, the chili is jalapeño but it goes through a drying process to become chipotle. Some of the properties of this spicy food are:

1. Relieves pain
Its capsaicin content helps treat wrinkles, facial tics, heart problems, and arthritis.

2. Prevents respiratory problems
It helps open the airways and clear the mucosa.

3. Improve circulation
Helps improve blood circulation

4. Promotes fat burning
It is a thermogenic food that promotes fat burning naturally.

5. Prevents cardiovascular diseases
Helps strengthen and repair blood vessels.

6. Antioxidant
It has antioxidant substances that help help slow down the aging process in the cells of the body.

7. Helps the mood
Chipotle, like other hot peppers, helps improve mood because it releases endorphins in our brain.

According to chemical engineer Jaime Ortega Zaldivar: "Chili (a word derived from the Nahuatl word chilli) is par excellence the representative and identity food of Mexico, since we are one of the countries that consumes it the most worldwide and has the greatest variety thanks to its different climatic and geographical conditions, which allow a species to be cultivated in practically every corner of the Republic”.

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