Tips para fomentar tu salud y bienestar emocional

Tips to promote your health and emotional well-being


At Nochiola we love promoting health and emotional well-being, that's why we share some tips for a healthier life.

Our body and our mind are connected. That is why we must prevent stress and promote healthy habits to prevent our physical health and emotional well-being from being damaged. Here are some recommendations.

Exercise and eat healthy

Exercising can improve mental health by helping the brain better cope with stress, according to research on the effect of exercise on neurochemicals involved in the body's stress response.

Food is part of our physical and mental well-being as it connects with our entire body and nourishes it to prevent diseases.

Manage stress and live happily

Many of the most common long-term stressors (illness in the family, recovering from injuries, job pressures) often arise concurrently and without warning.

  • Identify the cause. Stress can arise from something that is easy to correct.

  • Find time for yourself at least two or three times a week. Ten minutes a day may be enough. Turn off the phone, spend time alone in your room, exercise, meditate or listen to your favorite music.

  • Smart reaction. Before reacting to a complex situation, take time to calm down. Observe the situation carefully. Walking or breathing fresh air help release pressure.

  • Analyze your schedules. Study your priorities and delegate the tasks you can. Eat healthy snacks like Nochiola in a time of anxiety, order healthy food at home on a busy day, share responsibilities at home. Eliminate tasks that you must do but are not essential.
  • Set reasonable standards for yourself and others.

With information from the American Psychological Association

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