Top 3 snacks para diabéticos

Top 3 snacks for diabetics

Are your snacks suitable for diabetics?

This question is very frequent among our clients and we want first of all to emphasize that the health of our clients is the most important thing and although our products are free of added sugar , some vegetables and fruits contain natural sources of sugar and  Depending on the type of diabetes, some health specialists recommend measuring their consumption.

That said, we have prepared this list that summarizes our top 3 snacks and products for diabetics that we recommend because they are low in sugar and contain a good source of fiber, remember that it is always important to consult your doctor or nutritionist about their consumption.

  1. Amaranth churritos (flavor: chia piquín or chipotle): our amaranth churritos, in addition to being one of the favorite snacks, are 0% sugar, if you read that right! 😮 they have 0g of total sugar and 0g added, which makes them an ideal product to include in your diet in addition to being made with Mexican amaranth and seasoned with chia and chilies 🌶  Mexicans.
  2. Dehydrated vegetables : we specifically recommend the enchilada jicama and the enchilada sweet potato, these two veggie chips have 2g and 3g of total sugar per serving, respectively, which makes them an excellent low-sugar snack. In addition to being an excellent source of fiber, they will be your favorites to satisfy that craving for chips.
  3. Sugar- free chamoy: our sugar-free chamoy sweetened 100% with monk fruit has become one of the favorites, due to its incredible characteristics 🤩, it is sugar-free (it has 0g of total sugar), it is low in calories (41 kcals all 300 ml container), is made with pink Himalayan salt, has no artificial colors or flavors, in addition to having a unique and delicious flavor that we are sure you will love.

We hope that these recommendations serve you and we would love to be part of your healthy lifestyle!

With love


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