12 Rituales para despedir el año viejo y recibir el Año Nuevo

12 Rituals to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the New Year


There are many rituals to close the year. Wearing underwear of a particular color, running with suitcases to travel or placing coins under the rug are some of the most popular. The truth is that to say goodbye to the year you have to open your mind and welcome what is to come with open arms.

We know it has not been an easy year. So take the time to take stock of the good and the bad of this and don't forget to take a moment to be thankful for what it was worth.

Here are 12 rituals to entertain you in New Year with your loved ones.

  • Clean your space. With that you will fill your favorite place with good vibes and attract good energies. You can do it with an incense or incense that also leaves an exquisite aroma in the environment.


  • 2021 vision board. Surely you have seen several celebrities doing this vision board. Well, for us it is a way to visualize your goals. What you should do is use a canvas, cardboard, cork or blackboard to form a collage of what you want to achieve. With this you will have your goals visualized and you will focus on achieving them.

  • Full cupboard. To represent the abundance of good food and food for the whole family, fill the cupboard and start the year like this. Do not forget to put some bags of your favorite Nochiola snacks so that they are never missing at home.

  • Wish list & To do list. Dreaming and wishing is part of creating, so write down and make a list of what you want so much and find a way to plan it to achieve it. On the other hand, remember to make a list of everything you want to do, visit, try or get to know this year so that, when 2021 arrives, you will be clear about where to start. Keep that wish list in a private place and when you close the following year, see if you fulfilled it.

  • Thank. People commonly wish with great fervor but we forget to thank with the same strength the good that we have had. So don't forget to take a moment to give thanks to the universe.

  • Hug and kiss. Time goes by quickly so don't stop hugging your loved ones and kissing your partner as a way to celebrate their love.

  • New underwear. Red for love and passion, white for health and peace, yellow for abundance and money. Whatever color you choose, look for the garment you wear to be new.

  • Toast. Toasting at midnight with your loved ones is part of closing cycles by thanking and sharing what 2020 left us to allow all the good things of 2021 to reach us.
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  • Grapes. The ritual of eating a grape for each chime is part of the closing of the year and although many choose at the last minute what they will ask for in each grape. At Nochiola we suggest that you make a list of the 12 approaches to grapes so that you can represent the 12 months of your 2021.

  • Sweep at midnight . It is said that with this you symbolize the way to expel negativity and bad vibes.

  • Take out and get rid of clothes and objects you don't need . Sometimes we tend to accumulate clothes and objects that live for months and even years in our home without allowing us to live in an organized way. That's why we recommend you get rid of everything you don't need to donate it to those who can give it a second use.

  • One bill in the shoes and another in the wallet . Attract wealth and abundance by placing a ticket inside the shoe that you wear at the New Year's party and at the same time place another one in your wallet so that you don't run out of money.

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