Opciones para armar tu huerto en casa

Options to build your garden at home

Eating healthy, organic and ecologically is possible. That is why we give you our project recommendations that help you set up your garden at home to join a healthier and more environmentally friendly life.

Sitopia Urban Agriculture

Its intention is to teach you how to grow your own food in an efficient and fun way, at low cost and with low environmental impact. They promote urban agriculture through the design, creation and construction of self-sustaining gardens.

They also have: online workshops, installation of orchards, sale of organic seeds.

For more information visit: sitopia.mx

GermiNarte - CDMX

This team teaches you how to design your garden at home in just three steps because they have a system where they advise you according to the space you have but respect the way you want to customize it.


In Coséchame they are experts in design, training and installation of urban orchards and gardens. According to them, in this season to start your garden at home you only need:

4 hours of sun.
215 x 40cm of your patio/garden/terrace.
Water your garden once a week.

Your team is responsible for: Training and technical support. And the best… They ship to all of Mexico!

Urban Garden - NUEVO LEÓN
In addition to teaching you how to create compost and growing beds, the Huerto Urbano team supports you with the installation and courses to learn how to plant and harvest your own organic vegetables from home. To try and check you can start by acquiring a basket of organic products with them.

Heirloom orchards - CDMX
In this team named after delicious tomatoes, they are in charge of implementing sustainable food systems through the design, advice and installation of orchards tailored to your space.
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