Nochiola: botanas orgullosamente mexicanas

Nochiola: proudly Mexican snacks

Nochiola Mexican snacks

At Nochiola , we celebrate our origin by telling you about some of the national products that make us unique. The amaranth in our churritos, the chiles in our veggie chips and dehydrated fruits, and the delicious enchilada nopales are just a taste of our assortment of delicious Mexican snacks . Do not forget to try and celebrate what is made in Mexico!

Traces of Mexican amaranth plants were found more than 5,000 years ago in the Zohapilco archaeological zone in Mexico. Amaranth seeds were known to the ancient Mexicans as huautli. Since then, we Mexicans cook and eat amaranth in flours, pinoles, atoles, horchatas, palanquetas and in Nochiola you can try them in our family of amaranth churritos .

This tiny Mexican seed has many benefits that is why it is considered a superfood. Since pre-Hispanic times this seed was part of the healthy Mexican diet. Chia contains Omega 3 and has five times more calcium than whole milk and two times more potassium than bananas. At Nochiola you can try it in our amaranth churritos with chia .

Prickly pear
Such a Mexican plant that represents the biodiversity of our country in the national shield of the Mexican flag. The nopal plant belongs to the cacti family and is known as "the plant of life" because for more than 20 thousand years the first settlers arrived in the basin of Mexico and fed on this nutritious plant. It is considered a natural antioxidant that is good for heart health and digestion. In Nochiola you can try it in our selection of fruits such as dehydrated nopal enchilada .

Mexican mix nochiola snacks

The piquín chili is known as the grandfather of chili peppers because under his name there are countless small chili peppers that are very hot, whether fresh or dried. Almost always, the piquín chili is left to dry and then ground. Its flavor is ideal to give a spicy touch to snacks , fruits and vegetables, that's why in nochiola you can try it in our enchiladas veggie chips, enchiladas dehydrated fruits or in amaranth churritos with piquín .

There are many Mexican coconut palms since hot and humid climates predominate on the coasts of our country, ideal for the production of coconuts. For this reason, this fruit is consumed in a wide variety of recipes and preparations. It is antioxidant, rich in fibers and has the ability to regulate blood pressure as well as having a delicious flavor. At Nochiola you can try dehydrated coconut or enchilada dehydrated coconut. We are sure you will love it.

When you try any of our delicious Mexican snacks you will have in your mouth a little of the incredible flavors of our country. At Nochiola , we want to offer you a healthy snack, which is why we use ingredients from our land so that you have a natural option for your diet.

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