Comer sano y delicioso es posible… te decimos cómo

Eating healthy and delicious is possible… we tell you how


Sometimes we have the idea that eating healthier should necessarily translate into a less rich and more boring diet. Here are five recommendations to get that idea out of your mind and enjoy your path to a healthier life:

Eye love is born

Whatever time you go to eat, make sure that the food you prepare has vegetables to fill the plate with color. In the morning, for example, you can transform a savory recipe like egg whites by including avocado slices, radish slices, a touch of parsley, a few drops of avocado oil and a pinch of paprika so that the dish is full of flavors and colors and is more nutritious.

Spices full of flavor

Sometimes we think that if we do not add a significant amount of salt or chicken broth to our food, we can obtain recipes with little flavor... this is false!

If you choose the correct spices to prepare each meal, you will discover that spices can be your best ally. You can start by including some bay leaves or rosemary leaves in a soup. For sweet recipes you can also include cardamom, cinnamon or anise.

friendly substitutes

Another option that can be useful to improve your consumption is to look for substitutes that improve your diet almost without you noticing it. If you consume hazelnut or peanut butter, opt for those that contain only nuts. Swap cow's milk for a plant-based drink like almond milk. If you are a chocolate lover, choose one that is bitter and contains a minimum of 60% cocoa so you can treat yourself almost without noticing the difference.

Little changes

The portions, the times and the way in which we serve the food that we are going to consume is crucial to have a feeling of satiety. Remember to place a higher proportion of vegetables and vegetables on the plate and finally the proteins. Give yourself the time to start, taste and chew your food, this will also help you to have a better digestion.

healthy snacks

Don't sabotage your effort by eating greasy fried foods that contain synthetics or excess sugar. Better look for snacks and snacks that are made with natural ingredients such as vegetables, nuts or dehydrated fruits so that you feed yourself while you nourish yourself. Of course, our recommendation is the Nochiola snacks.

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