20 películas y series  imperdibles esta Navidad

20 unmissable movies and series this Christmas


Christmas is here and with it the perfect time to choose your favorite spot at home and enjoy the best Christmas movies and series with your favorite Nochiola healthy snacks.

Here are 20 movies and series that range from the classics of the season to the most recent series from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney +, HBO GO and Claro Video.

  • My Poor Little Angel / Home Alone
  • Kevin McAllister is an eight-year-old boy, a member of a large family, who is accidentally left behind at home when the whole family goes on vacation to Paris. Kevin learns to fend for himself and even protect himself from Harry and Marv, two guys who are out to break into every house in his neighborhood. When his mother discovers that he has been forgotten, she makes a long trip back to Chicago to reunite with her son.
    Where to see it? Disney+ and Claro Video

  • The Legend of Klaus / Klaus
  • When Jesper distinguishes himself as the worst student at the Postal Academy, he is sent to Smeerensburg, a small town on an icy island near the Arctic Circle, where the grumpy townspeople barely exchange words... let alone letters. Jesper is about to give up and abandon his postman duties when he meets the local teacher, Alva, and Klaus, a mysterious carpenter who lives alone in a cabin full of handmade toys.
    Where to see it? Netflix

  • El Grinch / How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Every year at Christmas, the locals disturb the peaceful solitude of the Grinch with increasingly merry, bright and noisy celebrations. When the Whos declare that they're going to make Christmas three times as big this year, the Grinch realizes there's only one way to regain some peace and quiet: by stealing Christmas. To do this, he decides to pass himself off as Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, with a very peculiar reindeer to pull his sleigh. Meanwhile, in Whoville, a sweet little girl named Cindy-Lou, in high Christmas spirit, plans with her friends to catch Santa Claus during his visit on Christmas Eve to thank him for helping her working mother. However, as the magical night draws near, his good intentions threaten to collide with the Grinch's much more wicked ones.
    Where to see it? HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix

  • Last Christmas
  • If you love the famous song George Michael wrote then you can't miss this movie. Kate is a young woman who tends to always make the wrong decision. Your latest mistake? Having accepted a job as a Santa Claus elf in a mall. However, fate leads her to meet Tom, a circumstance that completely changes her life. For Kate, everything is too good to be true.
    Where to see it? Clear Video and HBO GO

  • Simply Love / Love Actually
  • In London, shortly before Christmas, a series of funny and moving stories intertwine. 'Love Actually' is a shorthand way of saying 'Love Actually Is All Around' and this is precisely the plot of the film: wherever you look, you will find love everywhere. All the characters, each in their own way (a prime minister, an old rock star, a Portuguese maid who only speaks their language), are related to the funniest, saddest, most naive and stupid aspects of love.
    Where to see it ? Amazon Prime Video

  • The Christmas Chronicles / The Christmas Chronicles
  • Kate Pierce (Darby Camp) and her brother Teddy (Judah Lewis) intend to film Santa Claus (Kurt Russell) on Christmas Eve. After they sneak onto his sleigh, they cause an accident that could ruin an entire Christmas. From that moment the brothers will live with Santa Claus and his faithful elves a whole series of adventures to save Christmas before it's too late.
    Where to see it? Netflix

  • Holidays / Holidays
  • Iris is in love with a man who is going to marry another. On the other side of the planet, Amanda has just discovered that the man she lives with is cheating on her. Two women who do not know each other and who live 10,000 kilometers apart find themselves in the same situation. They start talking online on a website dedicated to home exchange and, without thinking twice, they decide to do it. Iris settles into Amanda's house in sunny California, while Amanda lands in the snowy English countryside. Shortly after arriving, the two find what they least expected or wanted: a new romance.
    Where to see it? Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

  • Exchange of The Princess Switch
  • A Chicago baker and a soon-to-be princess discover they look like twins, so they come up with a Christmas plan to swap places.
    Where to see it? Netflix and HBO GO

  • Calendar Love / Holidate
  • Sloane and Jackson hate vacations because it forces them to spend time with their respective families and have to partake in meals they don't want to go to. When they both meet, they decide to do everything possible to enjoy their free time in any other way.
    Where to see it? Netflix

  • White Nights: Three Unforgettable Love Stories / Let it Snow
    On Christmas Eve, a snowstorm changes the friendships, love lives and futures of several high school students in a town.
    Where to see it? Netflix
  • New Years Eve / New Year's Eve
  • Film that includes several stories that take place between New Year's Eve and New Year's Eve: that of a hospitalized man (De Niro) who lives his last days, that of a man who hates Christmas parties (Kutcher), that of a businesswoman (Pfeiffer ) who tries to achieve her goals before the end of the year, and that of a woman (Swank) who produces a show in Manhattan's Time Square.
    Where to see it? For rent on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video

  • The Polar Express / Polar Express
  • This is the story of a young boy on Christmas Eve who boards a mighty magical train headed for Santa's home in the North Pole. What unfolds is an adventure that follows the boy, who takes an extraordinary train to the North Pole; During this journey, he embarks on an experience of self-discovery that shows him that the wonders of life never fade for those who believe.
    Where to see it? Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas / Nightmare Before Christmas
  • When Jack Skellington, the Lord of Halloween, discovers Christmas, he is fascinated and decides to improve it. However, his vision of the holiday is totally contrary to the Christmas spirit. His plans include the kidnapping of Santa Claus and the introduction of some pretty macabre changes. Only his girlfriend Sally is aware of the mistake she is making.
    Where to see it? Disner + and Claro Video

  • Home for Christmas / Christmas at home
  • The constant comments about being single and society's expectations of the perfect Christmas trap 30-year-old Johanne, who decides to lie to her family and begin a 24-day search to find a partner to come home with for Christmas.
    Where to see it? Netflix

  • Harry Potter
  • The Harry Potter movies are perfect for feeding the magic of our minds and with it, feeding the Christmas spirit. Start with Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and surely you won't be able to stop until you see the complete saga.
    Where to see it? HBO GO

  • The Santa Clause / Santa Clausula
  • Scott Calvin is Charlie's divorced father. The relationship between them has become unbearable, but on Christmas Eve Santa Claus dies after falling from the roof of his house. With Charlie's help, Scott will be able to temporarily fill in for him.
    Where to see it? Disney+

  • A Christmas prince: The royal wedding / A Christmas prince: The Royal Wedding
  • A year after helping Richard secure the crown, Amber returns to Aldovia to plan her wedding. However, his tastes clash with royal protocol.
    Where to see it? Netflix

  • A dim neighbor
  • For Steve Finch (Matthew Broderick), an optometrist from Massachusetts, the best time of year is Christmas. For many years, he has preserved traditions that his wife and children can no longer bear. Despite this, he still has a calendar full of activities for the month of December: the photo for the Christmas greeting, the ritual of the tree, the Christmas carols... But Steve's happiness is suddenly disturbed by Buddy Hall (Danny DeVito ), a cunning car salesman who moves in next door.
    Where to see it? Amazon Prime Video

  • A crazy christmas
  • When their only teenage daughter leaves home for the first time, the Kranks decide to "skip Christmas" (no presents, no tree...) and go on vacation. However, at the last moment her daughter changes her mind and decides to return home. Then the Kranks will have to get busy and hastily preparing for the Christmas holidays.
    Where to see it? For rent on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV

  • Elf
  • One Christmas Eve, at an orphanage, a baby crawls into Santa's sack of presents and ends up in his workshop at the North Pole. Although he is adopted and educated as an elf there, growing up, he becomes three times larger than the inhabitants of the region. It seems that he will never fit into the world of the elves; what he needs is to find his true family. With this intention he travels to New York, where he will discover that life is not only about skating and eating sweets; so he feels out of place again. However, he manages to find his father, Walter (James Caan), a workaholic and money-addicted children's book publisher who appears on Santa's blacklist. Buddy (Will Ferrell) also finds a new mother (Mary Steenburgen) and discovers that his ten-year-old stepbrother (Daniel Tay) doesn't believe in elves or Santa Claus or Christmas. Actually everyone seems to have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas.
    Where to see it? HBO GO

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