Terms and Conditions

  1. Provider and address:
    • Address: Cuitlahuac 1923-B, Santa María, CP 27020, Torreón, Coah.
    • Telephones: 78222265
    • Email: sales@nochiola.com

  1. Welcome to our website, www.nochiola.com, also known as “ NOCHIOLA ”, or THE SITE, whose main purpose is to serve as a platform for purchasing our products as well as for advertising purposes.

Registration is not required to be able to consult our SITE, however, to carry out the purchase of our products it will be necessary to create an account, for which you are kindly requested that prior to said registration, please read our privacy notice referred to in the last section of this document and on the registration form.

You THE USER, by the simple fact of registering and using our services, express your consent to these terms and conditions of use, which imply an adhesion contract, in terms of the provisions of the Federal Civil Code.

  1. General of THE SITE.

a. Defined Terms:

Yo. User: Natural person of legal age with full exercise capacity.
ii. Use: By use we mean all access, consultation, interaction, uploading and downloading of content and consumption of our products.
iii. The Site: Refers to the set of subpages grouped under the domain: www.nochiola.com
IV. Content: Any information or material, including photos, comments, data, audiovisual, etc, own or third parties, available within the SITE.
b. Products: Refers to the food products manufactured, marketed and distributed by NOCHIOLA.
c. Availability: NOCHIOLA does not guarantee the availability of any product, so certain products may be withdrawn at any time or a SOLD OUT legend may be placed without any responsibility or obligation to guarantee their delivery or supply.
d. Costs: All our costs are published together with the corresponding products or packages, and are published in Mexican pesos.
and. Registration: Registration by the user for the purchase and sale of the Products and use of THE SITE.

F. Means of payment and guarantee:

Yo. Purchase conditions: The payments or charges that may arise due to the use of our Products will be processed through our page and will appear in your account statement as NOCHIOLA.

Guarantees and returns: Due to the nature of our Products, no returns or exchanges apply unless the Product is expired.

  1. Intellectual property
a. Rights holders: NOCHIOLA MÉXICO SA DE CV , is the sole and exclusive owner of the intellectual property rights of the SITE, its content, in terms of the Federal Copyright Law and the Industrial Property Law; however, on all that content uploaded or provided by users, it is understood under protest to tell the truth that it is their property, or that they have the authorization of its legitimate owner, a non-exclusive and temporary license for free use and exploitation regarding of any intellectual property rights that users have, during the time that the works or creations protected by the laws on the matter, are hosted on THE SITE.
    b. Express prohibitions: Any type of modification or alteration to THE SITE, copy or partial or total reproduction of its content, distribution or public communication of it by any means or format is expressly prohibited.
    1. Security and Limitation of Liability.

    Important Notice Regarding Site Security. The security of the SITE depends largely on the security of the authentication credentials used, as well as on the programs through which it is accessed, their versions and configuration. We ask that you choose a strong and unpredictable password. NOCHIOLA is not involved in or responsible for the creation or management of these credentials, so we cannot confirm that the individuals on THE SITE are really who they say they are.

    1. Modifications or updates.

    NOCHIOLA, may at any time and when it deems it convenient, without the need for notice to the User, make corrections, additions, improvements or modifications to the content, presentation, information, services, areas, databases and other elements of the SITE, without of place or right to any claim or compensation, nor that the same implies recognition of any responsibility in favor of the User.


    1. Applicable legislation.

    This Agreement will be subject to and will be interpreted in accordance with the federal laws of the Mexican Republic and any dispute will be resolved firstly in accordance with the provisions of NOCHIOLA on THE SITE, and secondly through the mechanisms established for that purpose in matters of consumer protection by PROFECO.

    1. Personal information.

    In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, its regulations and other applicable provisions, NOCHIOLA makes its privacy notice available to you at the following link: https://nochiola.com/pages /Notice of Privacy