Botanas para sorprender a tus invitados

Snacks to surprise your guests

We know that you like snacks because in addition to reading this note, you are a Nochiola customer. That's why we share some ideas to surprise your guests and take your meetings to another level of flavor.

There are sweet and savory options that are perfect and ideal for an afternoon snack.

Crazy Cucumbers with Chamoy Nochiola

If you have a craving for a quick, spicy and healthy recipe then you will love this option because this recipe for crazy cucumbers, made with Nochiola snacks and a little Nochiola chamoy is fresh and delicious.

You only need to buy fresh cucumbers, your favorite vegetables or fruits and our Combo 10 Nochiola + Chamoy snacks that you can now order with your Nochiola chamoy to take advantage of the special price of this delicious pair.

Nochiola antioxidant mix
Combo 10 snacks Nochiola + Chamoy
Low sodium piquin chili
two cucumbers
celery sticks
1 small jicama

1.-Peel the cucumbers , slice them in half and cut the ends without reaching the seeds. With a small knife remove the seeds.
2. In a bowl add chamoy Nochiola , bathe the cucumbers and chill them.
3.- Cut the jicama in half. Grate the first half and chop the second half into sticks.
Four. Place the cucumbers in a bowl and fill them with grated jicama, amaranth churritos and Antistress Mix.
5.-Serve the Nochiola snacks around the cucumbers, place celery sticks with jicama and cover the mixture with chamoy.

Snack thread with Chamoy Nochiola
Fresh, easy and spicy. This is how this thread is that will help you use that gelatin mold to prepare a healthy recipe that is perfect for hot days.

1 jicama
2 cucumbers
Low sodium piquin chili
Prickly Pear Nochiola
Combo 10 Snacks Nochiola + Chamoy
Chamoy Nochiola

1. Grate the cucumbers and jicama.
2. Use a cloth or sky blanket to squeeze the grated cucumber and jicama until they have as little water as possible.
3. In a plastic container (preferably jelly mold) place a first layer of grated jicama and compact with your hands, place a second layer, this one of cucumber and compact with your hands. Finally, place a layer of Nochiola enchilada nopales.
4. To disassemble the rose you will need a plate that is larger than the mold.
5. Disassemble the thread, place all the Nochiola healthy snacks in the center of it (sweet potatoes with sauce, beetroot with sauce, amaranth churritos with piquín and chia.
6. Finally, bathe the thread with Chamoy Nochiola and piquín chili to taste.
7. Done!

Caramel popsicles with Nochiola Antistress Mix
If you are a fan of sweet flavors, you cannot stop preparing this sweet snack that is perfect to accompany a tea or a cup of coffee. Contains caramel, dark chocolate and our Nochiola Antistress Mix.

Nochiola anti-stress mix
Dates with Nochiola nuts
100 g dark chocolate without sugar
3 tablespoons coconut oil
1 tbsp. of monk fruit (optional).

1. Chop the anti-stress mix together with the dates with walnuts into smaller pieces and reserve
2. In a bowl we put the chocolate in pieces, the oil and the monk. We melt (it can be in the microwave or in a bain-marie)
3. Add the nuts to the chocolate, put them in a mold and put them in the freezer for 20 minutes. Once the time has elapsed, we take the mold out of the freezer and cut the crowbar into pieces.

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