Conoce nuestro Chamoy Nochiola

Meet our Chamoy Nochiola

Our family of healthy products and snacks is growing! The delicious Chamoy Nochiola arrives to give a slightly spicy touch to all your recipes in a product that, in addition to being delicious, is healthy.
That's why you can't stop trying the special recipe for our chamoy that was carefully developed by us to create a unique and incomparable flavor experience that adds a spicy touch to your recipes while maintaining the flavor and quality that characterize all the products of the company. Nochiola family.

Chamoy Nochiola is a sweet and slightly spicy sauce at the same time because it combines the flavor of monk fruit with pink Himalayan salt. In addition, it contains 100% natural ingredients, dehydrated lemon and citric acid as natural preservatives. What we are looking for is that you enjoy a chamoy in a nutritious, delicious and colorful version thanks to the jamaica it contains.

What is the origin of chamoy?
We know that chamoy is native to Asia. It is a sauce that took a long time to transform into what we now know. In fact, it is said that it came to Mexico for a brand of sweets, although its origin is related to the Japanese dish "Umeboshi" which is prepared with ume (Japanese plums ) which is dried, then salted and finally squeezed to get the juice.
The truth is that ever since we Mexicans discovered and tried chamoy, we couldn't separate ourselves from it. Over time, many recipes related to it have emerged, such as chamoyadas, jicaletas, and frosty micheladas.
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