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These Dehydrated Fruits will strengthen your immune system

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Dried fruits are a very important element of a healthy diet to keep the immune system strong. Remember that by feeding ourselves in a balanced way, the immune system will be strengthened and will be able to both defend us from viruses and bacteria and possibly also reduce the intensity of infectious diseases that arise.

There are many studies that indicate that if we do not eat the necessary amounts of essential nutrients that our body needs, the immune system will be affected. Vitamin C and D deficiencies are to blame for a weakened immune system and are most commonly found in people with infections, such as the flu and the very fashionable Coronavirus.

Healthy foods like dried fruits are defined as the "pillars of good health", our immune system and body cannot function if the foundation of immunity is weakened.

Remember that it is very important to add variety and natural color to your diet. What better than healthy dehydrated fruits ? You should eat a wide variety of foods that combine vitamins, minerals, antioxidants also known as vitamins A, C and E, and the "sunshine vitamin" -D.

Vitamin C is a great immunity builder, you may have noticed that to fight the common cold and flu doctors prescribe vitamin C; Simply put, it helps strengthen your immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells, which fight infection.

Did you know that our bodies do not produce or store vitamin C? This is why you should consume it regularly to maintain your health.

Why is it important to take care of yourself with dehydrated fruits ?

Immunity plays an important role in our body; protecting us from any infectious agent. Our immunity is a defensive system against diseases and infections , but it can only defend itself if we have a strengthened immune system. The immune system can only be strong if we eat healthy, exercise daily, reduce alcohol and lower our stress level.

Healthy foods that are vital to boost immunity are; turmeric, legumes, nuts , honey and black pepper. Foods that boost our immunity should be free of artificial colors and preservatives like Nochiola .

The nuts that you can find in this Antioxidant Mix are one of the nutritional foods that help provide a large amount of antioxidants to our system, in addition to improving fiber and nutrition intake.

Dehydrated fruits are the best options to satisfy your craving with nutritious snacks following a healthy diet.

Dehydrated fruits are nothing more than fresh fruits that are subsequently dried by dehydration. The fruit turns into highly nutritious energy bombs when the water they contain is squeezed out. Eating a handful of nuts in the morning supports brain, digestive, and eye health.

Nuts and dried fruits help:

  • Helps lose weight because it does not contain fat and is a perfect snack
  • Helps fight cancer due to its great properties
  • Nuts work wonders on your skin keeping it healthy and free from aging.
  • They have less sugar and more nutrients, which helps with weight loss, and chewing them also controls the throes of cravings.
  • Nuts are loaded with abundant nutrition.
  • Helps improve digestion
  • They contain vitamin B, minerals such as copper and phosphorus, which help improve the regeneration of new blood cells and hemoglobin in the body.
  • They increase energy and increase endurance.
  • They strengthen immunity

Are you already starting to add healthy dried fruits to your diet to strengthen your immune system? At Nochiola you can find bags of the most delicious nuts to taste . Energy and health to take away!

One of the main objectives of Nochiola is to offer you a nutritious and delicious option at the same time. Can you imagine it? We have a wide variety of dehydrated fruits and the best vegan snacks. Check them out here!
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