Radiografía del Chamoy Nochiola

Radiography of the Chamoy Nochiola

Chamoy Nochiola is a sweet and slightly spicy sauce at the same time because it combines the flavor of monk fruit with pink Himalayan salt. In addition, it contains 100% natural ingredients, dehydrated lemon and citric acid as natural preservatives. What we are looking for is that you enjoy a chamoy in a nutritious, delicious and colorful version thanks to the jamaica it contains.

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We tell you the benefits and origin of our new Chamoy Nochiola.

1. Product with 100% Monk Fruit, a natural sweetener 0 calories.

Monk Fruit is not only a trendy food, it is a natural product that promotes weight loss and that, thanks to its low glycemic level, is suitable for people with diabetes to consume. This natural sweetener helps prevent cancer and has properties anti-inflammatory and antifibrotic. And it helps the immune system because it fights infections and prevents kidney failure while promoting longevity. Our Chamoy does not contain erythritol or other sweeteners, it is 100% monk fruit.

2. Contains jamaica which has naturally diuretic properties.

One of the most coveted Mexican products for the properties it contains. Hibiscus is a natural and refreshing diuretic that promotes weight loss while preventing insomnia. It also contains vitamins and minerals.

3. Low in calories wow!

In addition to being a delicious and healthy Chamoy, it is very low in calories, containing only 4 kcals per serving and 78 calories per 300 ml container. 

4. 100% Himalayan pink salt with natural minerals.

This salt is unique in that it helps regulate blood pressure and combat fluid retention. And, as if that were not enough, its characteristics help prevent jerks ñ; which is very beneficial for people who exercise. It is known that it can help fight migraines, fall asleep as well as promote the proper functioning of the respiratory system.

6. Mix of natural chili peppers high in vitamin C.

Our mix of natural chili peppers is unique and is one of the mixes that are a super boost of benefits because chili peppers contain amino acids, are high in vitamins, have antioxidant properties and help regulate insulin levels.

7. Keto approved

And last but not least, our Nochiola healthy chamoy is also keto approved as it contains .8g of carbs per serving and .2g of fiber, making it ideal to include in your ketogenic diet.

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There are many Chamoys but if you are looking for a healthy option, low in calories and that does not sacrifice flavor, then do not forget to try ours. Buy Healthy Chamoy Nochiola

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