¿Qué son y cuáles son los beneficios de los frutos secos?

What are they and what are the benefits of nuts?

Nuts are made up of 50% water, which is why they are called that, because they lack water.

They are nuts with a high energy content through proteins, fats and, in many cases, vitamins.

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Among the family of nuts are, for example, walnuts, cashews and hazelnuts, which also contain vitamin C, Omega 3 fatty acids and lecithin.

Almonds, for example, are also part of this family, with them drinks such as almond milk, spreads and mixtures such as our Nochiola anti-stress mix are prepared, where almonds, artisanal bitter chocolate (60% cocoa), blueberries, walnuts are combined. pecan and cashew nuts.

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Not only nuts and seeds are nuts, but also dried fruits such as blueberries, grapes, plums that, when subjected to the dehydration process, are transformed into raisins and provide a sweet flavor to our recipes but in a natural and healthy way. . Our Nochiola energy mix contains cashew nuts , almonds, raisins, raisins, pecan nuts and seeds.

Thus, nuts are foods with many benefits that also provide our body with energy, therefore they are recommended in a healthy diet since they also favor the proper functioning of the bones due to their high calcium content.

On the other hand, with its consumption, you can lower cholesterol levels and improve the health of blood vessels.

Don't forget to include Nochiola nuts in your diet.

Buy Nochiola antioxidant mix (roasted peanuts, chilli cranberry, cashew nuts).

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