Mitos y realidades del fitness y el wellness

Myths and realities of fitness and wellness

We spoke with clinical nutritionist Marie Harrison to debunk the myths behind Fitness and Wellness

Is it good to drink tea all day?
Green tea, black tea, coffee or hot caffeinated beverages have been associated with a thermogenic effect that helps speed up the use of fat deposits in the body (especially during exercise). However, many myths have arisen about the consumption of caffeine as an essential product for exercising, that is false. Natural products such as cinnamon tea, for example, do help but are not essential.

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Is it true that cinnamon or cinnamon water help speed up metabolism?

Cinnamon can help in this regard, however, it depends on each organism but compensated with a good diet and constant exercise routines. It is a set of habits. For example, apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach with a good diet can help digestion or inflammation as opposed to burning fat per se .

Is it possible to see results with a hypocaloric diet without doing cardio?
Although it is true that what should be prioritized in a hypocaloric diet is strength exercise versus cardio; both must be complemented because there are certain properties that cardio will give more than strength. It depends on the physical state of each person. In a hypocaloric diet, strength exercises are prioritized with a complement of cardio exercises.

When you do cardio, does muscle burn?
It depends on how long you do cardio. Running 20 or 30 minutes or having a class with intervals is not the same as having the mistake of running two hours in a row without complementing yourself strongly. Because if you want to lose weight and be strong at the same time, then you have to do a pre workout.

Eat first and exercise later or vice versa?
Before, there was a myth that it was necessary to consume your protein maximum 4 hours after exercise to take advantage of the metabolic window. But recent studies have shown that there is no limited time or window, but that you have several hours throughout the day to reach the protein requirement according to your weight and height.

Regarding eating to eat before or after exercising, as nutritionists we know that it depends on each patient and their performance based on the results you want to obtain with the routine or diet that I give them.

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Is fasted cardio good?
Fasted cardio is good for lipolysis (fasting fat burning process). Compensated with the hours of sleep, you will burn more fat while fasting, but in order not to waste muscle, the duration of the exercise time should be between 20 and 35 minutes, this is known as faster cardio.

What snacks do you recommend before exercise?
Breakfast doesn't have to be heavy to do strength exercises. You can start with a couple of almonds and half a portion of fruit (apple, banana, berries, etc), half a handful of anti-stress mix.

Is it true that we should not eat fruit in the afternoon or at night?
If you distribute fat, protein, and all other foods well, why couldn't you eat fruit or fruit sugar at night? Fruit calories will not change based on the schedule. The ideal is to learn to measure our portions during the day. We should not use food against us. Nothing in the extreme is good.

Are cold drinks bad for burning fat?
Caloric deficit and physical activity is the key to burning fat. Fat does not soften, sweat or harden.

What can you take to rehydrate or prevent inflammation?
It will always be better to eat as organic or natural as possible, avoiding what is packaged. I will always recommend a kombucha with probiotics first.

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