Snacks Nochiola para los maestros más memorables

Nochiola snacks for the most memorable teachers


We pay tribute to the masters of series and movies that have marked our childhood by choosing a Nochiola snack for each one. In the list you will surely find some teacher who surprised you through the screen.

Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter

The memorable Hogwarts wizard who cared for and protected Harry Potter as a master of magic, sharing his wisdom with every student in need. We know that being a wizard requires a lot of energy and that without a doubt, for the problems of the magic school, Dumbledore could use a Nochiola Anti-Stress Mix to share some of his nuts with Fawkes, his phoenix.

Yoda from Star Wars

The unforgettable and wise Star Wars Jedi Master who managed to survive the Galactic Civil War. Without a doubt, an unforgettable and movie teacher who would appreciate the delicious and unique flavor of dehydrated nopales. If Yoda wants to be happy, eat nopal enchilado Nochiola must.

Matilda's Honey Master

Sweet, smart, and kind-hearted Jennifer Honey; Matilda's teacher who rescued the little girl from a disinterested family and a crazy director like Tronchatoro. The sweetness of the Miel teacher reminds us of the sweet taste of our dehydrated pineapple Nochiola

Miyagi from Karate Kid

The extreme patience, vocation and love for karate that Master Miyagi shared with Daniel San is comparable to the time, love and dedication that we put into the formula of our Chamoy Nochiola recipe that also tells the story has Asian origin, very ad hoc with the Lord Miyagi.

Terence Fletcher Whiplash

Music is one of the greatest passions that exist and to be able to develop it you need to have talent, ear and a lot of energy. It would be nice if the famous Terence Fletcher of Whiplash: music and passion tried our Nochiola Energy Mix.

Professor Jirafales

The unforgettable "Ta, ta, ta" by the famous professor Jirafales who taught El Chavo's students. It wouldn't be a bad thing if you visited Doña Florinda and accompanied her cup of coffee with a bag of Dates with Nochiola nuts.

Professor Norbury from Mean Girls

How to forget the famous Mean Girls teacher who helped Cady aka "Africa" join the math group to vindicate herself after being super mean under the influence of Regina George. Going through a divorce and putting up with high school students makes her worthy of a Churritos and Veggie Chips + Chamoy Combo to pamper herself.

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